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The Best Tools for Great Video Teleconferencing

If your organization had to make fast and drastic changes when COVID-19 hit, there’s a good chance you adopted the tools that were most readily available to you and fit your needs and budget on a basic level. After all, there was no way to know that the need for remote work would last years […]

Tips for Increasing Undergraduate Enrollment Through AV Integration

When it comes to increasing undergraduate enrollment, higher education institutions have stuck with largely the same tactics in recent years. They invest in advertising and high school outreach to attract students in the midst of deciding where they want to attend college. However, there’s an underutilized recruitment tool that many colleges and universities are already […]

Healthcare Technology Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

The healthcare industry has undergone almost a complete transformation within just two years. While some changes were forced into action by the COVID-19 pandemic, the natural progression of technological advancement served as a catalyst for others. Regardless of what sparked the changes and emerging trends, the future of healthcare would not be possible without advancing […]

AV/VC Technology Guide for 2022

If you haven’t already, it’s time to put your AV plans in place for 2022. Staying up to date on the technology and trends expected for next year will help your organization build out a strategy and utilize it successfully. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a 2022 AV/VC strategy, or for the right tools […]

Improving Patient Visits through Innovative Technology in the New Year

As we wrap up this year and look towards 2022, it’s likely your organization is working on plans for how to make things better next year. This is especially true for healthcare organizations, which faced tremendous challenges in 2020 and 2021. Thankfully, a sleuth of technological advances has not only eased the hardships they’ve faced […]

How Audio Visual Will Shape the Future of Education

Educational institutions have dealt with significant change and disruption in the past few years, largely brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. While most of it has been challenging, one positive lesson we can take from it is that with the right technology, schools are extremely adaptable and can transform the way people learn and teach. […]

5 Ways to Use Dynamic Digital Signage in Your Business

While signage has been a staple in business practice for decades, dynamic digital signage is a relatively new player. What makes dynamic digital signage stand out from traditional displays and static digital signage is that the information can be updated automatically and/or in real-time, making them even more valuable to the viewer. Dynamic digital signage […]