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Everything You Need to Know About Managed AV Support Services

Whether you operate remotely, have a hybrid remote workspace, or need to stay connected with different people and devices, AV technology likely plays a key role in your level of productivity and collaboration. But like most technology, AV technology requires some level of management and support to ensure proper functionality. For organizations to truly make […]

What Is Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS) and How Can It Benefit Your Organization?

Equipping your workplace with cutting-edge AV technology is one of the best ways to streamline and futureproof processes. However, implementing a high-quality, reliable solution can be a challenge for some organizations. Budget constraints, knowing what technologies to invest in, and limited capacity for maintenance can result in an inefficient solution that decreases productivity and negatively […]

Four AV Technology Trends to Transform your Healthcare Facility

The pandemic has driven drastic change in the healthcare industry over the past few years and technological advancements have completely revolutionized the patient and provider experience. While your facility may have already adapted to changes caused by the pandemic, technology continues to evolve to meet new patient expectations, streamline operations, and facilitate the ongoing education […]

How to Bring Artificial Intelligence into the Office

The past few years have forced businesses across virtually every industry to rethink the way they operate. The quick shift from in-office to fully remote workspaces has changed the way businesses manage their day-to-day operations, making technology and artificial intelligence (AI) more important than ever. In fact, a June 2021 report from the IDC reported […]

How Universities Can Use AV as a Service to Stay Ahead

The current generation has changed the college admissions landscape; this technology-reliant crowd isn’t settling for anything less than cutting-edge technology that transforms their skillset. As such, colleges and universities are incorporating AV technology wherever applicable to attract this new generation of digital natives, and stay ahead of the curve. To keep up with the changing […]

Five Tips for Creating a New Hybrid Workspace

Employees in a variety of job sectors are looking for more flexibility in their workspaces. For many, the freedom of being able to choose where and when they work outweighs many traditional benefits once praised in the business world. As more organizations opt for a hybrid approach to daily operations, here are five tips to […]

Creating Interactive Experiences with Digital Signage

Advertisements and signs are all around us, but which ones usually catch our eyes? Regardless of your industry, innovative and interactive screens can allow us to engage more directly with the message and each other. Digital signage that sparks interaction can help increase customer loyalty, fortify brand recognition, and collect data on customer trends. See […]

Attracting New Clients with Improved Communications

Our current business landscape is a sea of constantly changing information. If organizations are not careful with how they manage their information, it’s likely that their reputation may suffer in the eyes of prospective clients. To prevent getting lost in the mix, it’s important now more than ever that businesses offer adaptive solutions to meet […]

How to Prepare your AV Technology for Corporate Relocation

The business sector has seen tremendous change over the past two years. Where some industries are downsizing their overhead costs with more remote employment, others are expanding to newer locations. No matter your company’s strategic goals, a corporate relocation entails careful planning and execution. One of the biggest aspects of a corporate relocation is how […]

Helping Faculty Adjust to New University Technology

As more and more students enter college campuses expecting the latest and greatest technology, faculty are often left to adjust to the changes with little to no guidance. This process is made even more strenuous when some faculty members actively oppose embracing new technology in the classroom. When faculty or staff have a hard time […]