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Remote Work Long Term Strategies

When the COVID-19 outbreak first happened, organizations had to respond quickly and move their organizations to remote work setups with no time to plan. With COVID-19 still very much a health and safety threat, many companies have made the decision to remain remote long-term. Some major companies like Twitter have even announced the intention to […]

Virtual Event Planning

Virtual events have taken the place of conferences, concerts, and large gatherings of all sizes. While moving events to a virtual format is important for health and safety in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it takes a different planning approach than an in-person event. Here are some virtual event planning considerations to keep in […]

Integrator Companies and the Future of Workplace Design

One of the biggest questions we still have regarding the coronavirus outbreak is: when people return to the workplace, what kind of workplace will they be returning to? What we know for sure is that businesses have to make significant changes to keep employees and visitors safe — and that integrator companies will play a […]

Introducing: Esports

The esports community continues to grow; in recent years, participation in esports tournaments has grown from hundreds to hundreds of thousands, and the sport is being deliberated by the Olympic consideration. With the esports community now over 300 million people, setting up an arena for an event is even more important than ever. To give […]

UV Light Technology

The biggest question on every business leader’s mind is the same right now regardless of industry: how do we resume operation while keeping employees and visitors safe? Organizations from around the world have leaned heavily into technology to help them find creative solutions for ensuring health and safety. One of those solutions is UV light […]

Teleportivity: Keeping Your Staff and Customers Safe

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses were completely blindsided by the Covid-19 crisis. They either had no business continuity plan in place and are scrambling to make one as they go, or they had a loosely framed and outdated plan that doesn’t hold up in today’s business world. For essential businesses or businesses that are still […]

QR Code – Evolve Service

One thing that many successful businesses have in common is the willingness to harness cutting-edge technologies to outshine their competition. To continue to make innovation possible, technology solutions providers like us have to think outside the box and find even better ways to apply technology. That was the driving force behind our Av as a […]

What to Look for When Choosing an Audio Visual Conferencing Company

AV and video conferencing is becoming standard in most businesses — and for good reason. Having video conferencing capabilities within your organization drastically improves collaboration, increases efficiency, and opens up endless possibilities for business growth. Choosing which company will install and maintain your AV conferencing is a big business decision. Hastily choosing a company could […]