Managed Video Experience

AV managed video for peace of mind.

Your video conferencing solution should let you focus on the meeting at hand, not the technology used to make it happen.


With IVCi’s Managed Video Experience (MVE), organizations no longer have to worry about locating the right technical staff or determining the best way to utilize their video conferencing solutions. Instead, they can immediately experience the ROI and other benefits because IVCi handles the operational and technical functions. Our experience and expertise bring the people, the process, and the technology to organizations from the beginning of implementation through every meeting and interaction.

What is MVE?

MVE provides complete management of an organization’s video conferencing environment including scheduling, proactive system monitoring, video production, white glove concierge services and lifecycle management. Any issues detected by our management system prior to a meeting will be proactively investigated and addressed before the meeting begins. Rather than wait for backup or sit on hold with IT, we’ve already solved your problem and enriched your end user experience. We help organizations keep their focus on what they do best, we take care of everything else: complete management of an organization’s video conferencing environment, including scheduling, proactive meeting monitoring, and concierge services. A single scheduling process provides a user-friendly experience and allows meeting participants to simply enter a conference room or open a video application. Participants are connected automatically, regardless of the type of call or equipment being used, providing a B2B exchange between partners, vendors, and customers. Any issues that are detected by our management system prior to a meeting are proactively investigated and addressed before the call is launched.

Benefits of MVE

High quality, easy-to-use video conferencing with 99.7% call reliability

Greater usage and adoption of video conferencing technology

Faster realization of ROI of the video solution

Experience the benefits of video to assist in key business challenges

Simplified billing with a single monthly invoice

Single point of contact for all your video conferencing needs

Stats We’re Proud Of


Average customer satisfaction rating for MVE services on a 5-point scale.

4.5 Seconds

The average speed-to-answer any call our clients make for assistance.

Case Study

In 2005, GE implemented an environmentally-friendly program called “Ecomagination” as part of its effort to reduce its carbon footprint. In the spirit of Ecomagination…


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