Five Helpful Tips for Successful Video Conferencing

November 23, 2022

Did you know more than half of businesses use video conferencing in their day-to-day operations?

It’s no secret AV technology, like video conferencing, is essential in today’s business world. Being able to conduct a successful video conference call is important to securing potential clients and collaborating with team members in other locations. But there is more to a successful call than just having the right equipment–there are certain tips, tricks, and etiquette that should be followed. In this article, we list the top five helpful tips to consider for a successful video conference call.

1. Keep the Call Short and Concise

Respect every attendee’s time by keeping the conference short, sweet, and focused. Most people have jam-packed schedules and will appreciate the call not being any longer than necessary.

While there is no exact rule for how long a video call should typically last, try to keep meetings under an hour to prevent disengagement or distraction. If you use one hour as your point of reference, plan for about 45 minutes of speaking time while leaving the last 15 minutes open for questions.

It’s also best practice to send an agenda before the call. If you plan on sending one to your participants, consider assigning estimated time units to each section of the agenda to help keep your video call on track.

2. Come Prepared

Just as you would an in-person meeting, have any supplementary materials prepared ahead of time and sent to whoever is attending the conference. If possible, set the room up ahead of time and test all connections and equipment to avoid unprofessional technical difficulties.

3. Use Visuals

Not only do video conferences allow you to see the people you’re talking to, but they also allow you to share visual aids in real time while you discuss them. This will keep the conference interesting and fresh, rather than just looking at each other’s faces the whole time.

4. Mute Yourself When You’re Not Speaking

Although you might not be talking during the call, most microphones will pick up background noise like coughs or typing. Minor sounds like these can be a distraction to others on the call and take away from the speaker. Be courteous to your colleagues or clients, and try to mute yourself whenever you’re not speaking.

5. Treat the Call Like an In-Person Meeting

You should treat video conferences the way you would treat an in-person meeting. Give the other people your undivided attention, minimize distractions, keep the attendee list down to only those who really need to be there, and use all manners you would during an in-person meeting. This might seem obvious, but it can go a long way when establishing and maintaining business relationships.

Drive More Productive Collaboration with the Right AV Technology

Video conferencing solutions have become a staple in almost any industry. They provide face-to-face interaction among colleagues, business partners, and customers without the hassle of travel. This increased face-time strengthens relationships which can help drive productivity and customer satisfaction.

At IVCi, we deliver successful video conferencing solutions that drive productivity and collaboration for our clients. Our Cloud Video Conferencing services, like Cloud Video Experience (CVE), free meeting facilitators and coordinators from technological concerns, allowing them to focus solely on delivering a positive meeting outcome. With CVE, users can easily collaborate with anyone on video, inside or outside their organization, through simple-to-join video meetings that work on any device. It’s a hassle-free approach to video conferencing that allows organizations to concentrate on their core competencies rather than worrying about technology. Contact us today to learn how CVE can help benefit your organization.

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