3 AV Trends that will Shape Collaboration in 2023

January 1, 2023

The workplace has gone through a dramatic change in the last few years. From completely remote work models during the pandemic to hybrid workspaces increasing in popularity, organizations must prioritize collaborative solutions to facilitate these workplace transformations. In order to empower collaboration in 2023, leading organizations must equip themselves with innovative AV solutions that meet the demands of this new work environment. Below, we discuss three emerging AV trends that will have a major impact on the workplace and shape collaboration in 2023.

1. AV Technology for Hybrid Workspaces

Today’s workplace is more diverse and digital than ever before. With Gen Z expected to represent nearly a third of the workforce by 2025, organizations must adapt current collaboration strategies that facilitate the working style of this tech-savvy generation that values flexibility in the workplace. In fact, 42.2% of Gen Z wants to work remotely one to two days a week. For organizations to stay competitive, retain top talent, and stay productive, they need high-quality AV technology to keep in-office and remote employees engaged and connected. Integrating AV technology like cloud-based video conferencing solutions and/or managed video solutions will become essential workplace collaboration tools as we move through 2023.

2. Unified Communications for Streamlined Collaboration

To succeed, today’s organizations require instant, uninterrupted communication between employees and clients that integrates both their locations and technologies. Unifying communications can help streamline collaboration for greater productivity by combining multiple communication channels into a single, cloud-based connection. For example, IVCi’s video conferencing services and unified communication solutions span IM, telephony, video, web, and AV rooms. We combine these diverse technologies into a seamless solution that can be made readily available via offices, conference rooms, and on mobile devices. Doing so, helps organizations stay connected and drive collaboration in a hybrid work environment.

3. Enhanced Video Conferencing Technology

Video conferencing is what makes collaboration possible within today’s ever-popular hybrid work model. Gone are the days when the entire team heads into the conference room for a meeting; some employees may be in the office, while some are remote and maybe even across the country. Having a high-quality, reliable video conferencing solution is crucial for collaboration in 2023.

Implementing technology that enhances the meeting experience will also enhance collaboration. For example, high-quality microphones, speakers, headsets, cameras, and high-resolution monitors that mimic the in-person experience can help drive engagement on video calls for both in-person and remote employees. Additionally, using a cloud-based video conferencing solution, like IVCi’s Cloud Video Experience, is also a great way to drive collaboration because it lets teams easily collaborate, view, or edit documents and start new meetings from anywhere.

Empower Collaboration With Innovative AV Solutions From IVCi

Technology has changed the way we work. Many software programs and tech upgrades exist for the sole purpose of facilitating teamwork, which became crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. By incorporating new or upgraded AV technology, your organization can enhance collaboration and empower remote teams to drive more business.

Having an expert AV integrator assess your current hybrid setup and design and implement state-of-the-art technology will help you make sure your organization stays connected, collaborative, and productive. They can also offer the expert support you need to troubleshoot issues and keep your meetings running smoothly.

At IVCi, we have the experience and knowledge to boost your organization’s digital transformation and improve collaboration, engagement, and efficiency. However your team collaborates or interacts with prospects, clients, and customers, IVCi provides the AV solutions and technology your organization needs to stay connected. Contact us today to see how we can collaborate.

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