Conference Room Technology to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Meetings

February 17, 2023

Conference rooms play a major role in any organization. They’re where ideas are formed and where collaboration happens. Teams go there to discuss business strategy, business partners go to discuss relationships, and sales representatives go to court clients. No matter the use, conference rooms are where business happens. Therefore, it is essential the design of the room provides a conducive environment that supports productivity. Here are some conference room design ideas to help you get the most out of your meetings.

1. Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is what makes collaboration possible with the rise in hybrid work environments, so it’s important to equip meeting rooms with a reliable solution. Outfitting rooms with high-quality microphones, speakers, headsets, cameras, and high-resolution monitors that mimic the in-person experience can help drive engagement on video calls for both in-person and remote employees. Doing so will enhance the meeting experience and make everyone on the call feel involved, which will help drive more engagement among team members.

2. Video Walls and Dynamic Digital Displays

Visual centerpieces are key to trapping people’s attention, and the biggest, most eye-catching ones in the business are video walls. Video walls and dynamic digital displays are a visually appealing and an effective way to boost engagement among teams. Strategic placement combined with the ability to easily control and change the content makes this AV technology a powerful tool for delivering dynamic presentations. Additionally, incorporating interactivity involves viewers personally and could serve various purposes in a professional space. From swiping to flip pages, touching bubbles to reveal more content, or displaying a large interactive chart of company performance, the possibilities are endless.

3. AV as a Service

For organizations looking for a communication strategy without significant capital expenditure or maintenance, Audio Video as a Service (AVaaS) is a great communication and collaboration technology. The subscription-based model keeps costs predictable while granting access to white-glove service and QR-code accessible support. Subscribing to AVaaS ensures your organization always has access to the latest technology at all times with the ability to scale, upgrade, or change at any time.

4. Managed Video Services

Because video conferencing plays such an important role in today’s workplace, having a reliable solution that allows for seamless collaboration is imperative. Managed video services ensure your organization’s video conferencing solution is effective, reliable and usable. They’re designed to help schedule and launch productive video conference meetings without any hitches in the process. When you implement a managed video conferencing solution, you get a team of experts dedicated to making sure your AV solution consistently works the way it’s intended.

Make Meetings Happen With a Leading Provider of Collaboration Solutions

Not all AV conferencing technology is well-suited for all spaces. It’s important to have a trusted partner by your side to help you navigate the landscape and determine the best solution for your organization. The experts can take the chosen products and platforms and place them within the given space in a way that maximizes collaboration and production.

At IVCi, we work closely with our clients, not only as technology integrators but as trusted advisors who can provide the guidance you need. We partner with our clients to set a collaboration and migration strategy to identify, deploy, and manage the ideal technology mix to create outstanding user experiences and deliver a clear return on your investment. From strategy, to design, to deployment, we’re there when you need us, offering unparalleled industry expertise to help you out 24/7. No matter your AV needs, we’re in your corner to help make your collaboration aspirations come to life. Connect with us today to see how we can take your organization’s AV solution to the next level.

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