Using AV Technology to Boost Engagement in a Hybrid Workplace

December 7, 2022

The hybrid work model has quickly become the new norm, and statistics show it’s here to stay. According to Foundry’s 2022 Future of Work study, 94% of organizations have implemented some kind of hybrid-work structure and 41% of respondents believe hybrid work will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Hybrid work gives employees the best of both worlds giving them flexibility while maintaining a level of in-person collaboration. But in order for businesses to also benefit from the hybrid work model, they need high-quality AV technology to keep in-office and remote employees engaged and connected. If you’re currently using a hybrid work model or thinking about transitioning to one, here are ways you can leverage AV technology to boost engagement.

Incorporate Channels of Communication that Work for Everyone

How will in-office and remote employees communicate and collaborate? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to creating a hybrid workspace, as employees across different industries and job roles each have different needs. Consider meeting spaces that allow individuals to use their preferred meeting platforms for the best user experience. These are referred to as “open rooms,” being equipped with a simple and seamless setup utilizing umbrella equipment – that way, all teammates, clients, partners, and others can join easily and have a productive meeting.

Create a Variety of Video Conferencing-Ready Meeting Spaces

It is imperative to ensure fluid collaboration between those in the office and those working remotely. Gone are the days when the entire team heads into the conference room for a meeting; some employees may be in the office, while some are remote and maybe even across the country. Consider this when thinking about your meeting spaces. Instead of utilizing a few large meeting spaces, create some smaller spaces, as well. And, since many team members may be remote during meeting times, ensure that all meeting spaces are equipped with the appropriate video conferencing equipment. This will enhance the meeting experience and make everyone on the call feel involved, which will help drive more engagement among team members.

Optimize Your Video Conferencing Solution

Video conferencing is what makes collaboration possible with the hybrid work model, so it’s important to have a high-quality solution. On top of this, you can optimize your solution and implement technology that elevates the meeting experience. High-quality microphones, speakers, headsets, cameras, and high-resolution monitors that mimic the in-person experience are great ways to drive engagement on video calls for both in-person and remote employees.

Using a cloud-based video conferencing solution, like IVCi’s Cloud Video Experience, is also a great way to drive engagement in a hybrid work arrangement because it lets teams easily collaborate, view, or edit documents and start new meetings from anywhere.

Building a Successful Hybrid Work Model

In order to have a successful hybrid work model, you will have to make sure your teams are prepared with the tools and technology they need to smoothly transition from home to the office and back without losing productivity or efficiency. Having an expert AV integrator assess your current hybrid setup and design and implement state-of-the-art technology will help you make sure your organization’s productivity levels stay high. They can also offer the expert support you need to troubleshoot issues and keep your meetings running smoothly.

IVCi has the experience and knowledge to boost your organization’s digital transformation and improve collaboration, engagement, and efficiency. However your team collaborates or interacts with prospects, clients, and customers, IVCi provides the AV solutions and technology your organization needs to stay connected. Contact us today to see how we can collaborate.

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