Top 4 Benefits of Managed Video Services

February 10, 2023

Video conferencing has the ability to transform your business through streamlined communication. From cost reduction to increased productivity and collaboration, the AV solution offers a number of advantages. In fact, studies show approximately 99% of employees believe video conferencing enhances the quality of communication. What’s more is that 90% believe it’s easier to share information with video, and 89% say it reduces the time it takes to complete certain tasks.

While there’s no denying the vital role video conferencing plays in today’s workplace, successful solutions depend on your team’s ability to easily adopt and utilize the technology. Solutions that are hard to use or overly complicated can result in unreliable, poor meeting experiences that cost time and money. Fortunately, a managed video service can address these issues with an easy-to-use AV solution backed by consistent service and expert support. Here’s how.

What are Managed Video Services?

Managed video services ensure your organization’s video conferencing solution is effective, reliable and usable. They’re designed to help facilitate productive video conference meetings without any hitches in the process. Partnering with a managed video services provider, you essentially get an outsourced team of experts that work to keep your technology optimized and reliable.

There are typically several options of managed video services providers offer based on an organization’s preferences and needs. However, there are four basic elements that make up a managed video service. These include on-site staffing, remote management and monitoring, helpdesk support, and infrastructure management.

Benefits of Managed Video Services

Video conferencing has become a staple in today’s workplace, so it’s extremely important to have a solution you can count on. Many organizations turn to managed video service providers to ensure their AV solution consistently works the way it’s intended. While there are countless advantages to having a managed video service, here are the top four benefits:

  • Ensure meeting reliability. A managed video services team gives its full attention to your AV solution and monitors it proactively to ensure unparalleled reliability.
  • 24/7 expert support. With managed video services, you get a team of experts at your disposal to keep your system functioning at its best.
  • Scale with ease. Managed video services also makes it easy to expand and update your solution with the latest technology to meet your changing needs.
  • More time to focus on your business. By putting your video conferencing solution in the hands of experts, you’re taking it out of your internal team’s hands. That leaves more room for them to focus on tasks and initiatives that matter most to your business.

Experience seamless collaboration through proactive meeting management and support.

When the stress of AV technology is taken care of, your team has more time to create and discuss what matters most: driving your mission and purpose. Managed video services are valuable investments for any organization wanting a way to easily maintain and ensure efficient use of their video conferencing solutions.

As a leader in AV support, we help organizations of all sizes and industries with their expertise and offerings. Our managed services are easy to use and backed by 24/7 support for unparalleled meeting reliability.

Specifically, our Managed Video Experience (MVE) provides complete management of an organization’s video conferencing environment, including staffing, scheduling, proactive device/meeting monitoring, and concierge services. With MVE, organizations no longer have to worry about locating the right technical staff or determining the best way to utilize their video conferencing solutions. Instead, they can immediately experience the ROI and other benefits because IVCi handles the operational and technical functions. Our experience and expertise bring the people, the process, and the technology to organizations from the beginning of implementation through every meeting and interaction. Contact us today to learn more about MVE and the rest of our managed service options.

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