Top Video Conferencing Trends to Watch in 2023

January 14, 2023

Video conferencing has revolutionized the way organizations collaborate. It has become a staple in almost every business and is a critical function in today’s workplace of remotely located colleagues. With more than half of businesses using video conferencing in their day-to-day operations, it’s important for organizations to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings and innovations regarding AV technology. To help, we’ve listed some of the top video conferencing trends organizations should keep an eye out for in 2023.

1. Emphasis on Video and Audio Quality

Poor audio and video quality has the potential to derail a meeting. Hybrid and remote teams need a reliable solution that enhances the meeting experience. Because video conferencing is such a critical component of today’s workplace, we expect to see a bigger emphasis on features that improve call quality. This includes upgraded video resolution, background noise filtering, echo cancellation, and other sound improvement features that allow users to speak and hear at the same time without interruptions.

2. Focus on Security

No matter the industry, security and privacy are a top priority for all organizations. We expect to see a continued focus on security features focused on intellectual property protection and privacy. Many of the popular platforms have already included security features like encryption and multi-factor authentication to safeguard private user data.

3. Improvements to the User Experience

Whether it’s user error or technical difficulties, video conferences can be a challenge for some. As we continue throughout 2023, we expect to see improvements to the user experience that will simplify the process of joining a video conference. Through simplified login systems and increased browser compatibility, video conferencing will become more seamless and reliable for all users.

4. Efficient and Cost-Effective Integrations

When it comes to video conferencing, today’s platforms have more capabilities than ever before. Many of the top solutions include integrations that help users be more productive and efficient. Integrations with calendars, CRMs, and channel-based messaging platforms have become more prevalent, helping businesses conduct cost-effective and efficient meetings.

5. Widespread Access to Video Conferencing Solutions

As video conferencing continues to grow in popularity, there will be more widespread access to solutions. Basically, every device comes with video conferencing capabilities which gives organizations of all sizes access to the technology. As 2023 continues, we can only expect more and more organizations to implement and utilize a video conferencing solution.

Empower Collaboration With Innovative AV Solutions From IVCI

It’s no secret AV technology, like video conferencing, is essential in today’s business world. Being able to conduct a successful video conference call is important to securing potential clients and collaborating with team members in other locations. It provides face-to-face interaction among colleagues, business partners, and customers without the hassle of travel and strengthens relationships which can help drive productivity and customer satisfaction.

At IVCi, we have the experience and knowledge to boost your organization’s digital transformation and improve collaboration, engagement, and efficiency. However your team collaborates or interacts with prospects, clients, and customers, IVCi provides the AV solutions and technology your organization needs to stay connected.

When it comes to video conferencing, we deliver successful video conferencing solutions that drive productivity and collaboration for our clients. Our Cloud Video Conferencing services, like Cloud Video Experience (CVE), free meeting facilitators and coordinators from technological concerns, allowing them to focus solely on delivering a positive meeting outcome. With CVE, users can easily collaborate with anyone on video, inside or outside their organization, through simple-to-join video meetings that work on any device. It’s a hassle-free approach to video conferencing that allows organizations to concentrate on their core competencies rather than worrying about technology. Contact us today to learn how CVE can help benefit your organization.

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