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Prep for Success: Developing a Long-Term Security Plan for Remote Staff and Faculty in Higher Education

One positive we have all discovered over the last few years is that we have digital capabilities at our disposal that can allow us to collaborate more than ever before. But with these enhanced collaboration tools comes more risk of technology failure, haphazard strategy, and potential cyberattacks. As universities incorporate more hybrid or fully-remote positions, […]

Enhancing Patient Care with Stronger Infrastructures

As healthcare facilities continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, many find new ways to serve their patients more safely and effectively by improving their infrastructures. Improved healthcare facilities can increase health equity by minimizing or eliminating some barriers that stand in the way of individuals receiving the care they need. Utilizing enhanced AV technology like […]

Tips for Giving Your Business’ AV Technology a Spring Cleaning

Spring is starting to bloom! And with the new season comes everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) chore: Spring Cleaning. So, as we dust off our homes and workspaces to invite a breath of fresh air, let’s also consider bringing new life into our business’s AV technology. Here are a few simple steps we can all […]

3 Benefits of Upgrading Your University’s AV Technology

When it comes to the newest technology, Gen Z proves to utilize and adapt to new products and services faster than most generations. As more members of this age group enter college years, they begin to expect educational experiences that have fully embraced technology. For higher education to cater to this growing population, colleges and […]

Taking Engagement to the Next Level: Benefits of Video Walls in Healthcare

Between informational messages, public service announcements, and general communications, healthcare practitioners and consumers are often bombarded with an information overload. For example, an individual could walk into nearly any healthcare facility and be met immediately with various posters, directional signs, or other media pulling their attention in multiple ways. But how do we navigate various […]

Benefits of Digital Signing in the Classroom and Campus Common Areas

Higher education continues to evolve, even two years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rapid changes in classroom AV technology needs have led many colleges and universities to reevaluate how they connect with their students, staff, and communities. As more institutions return to in-person learning, digital signage will prove essential in establishing a new […]

Don’t Panic: Uncomplicate your AV Technology Strategy

Whether you are in healthcare, higher education, government, or finance, you and your teammates deserve a hassle-free way to meet regardless of your industry. When the stress of AV technology is taken care of, your team has more time to create and discuss what matters most: driving your mission and purpose. Effective AV utilization starts […]

How to Create Diverse Learning Environments in Higher Education through AV Technology in 2022

There’s no question that creating a diverse learning environment is the key to a successful higher education experience, not just for students but also for educators, staff, and administration. Catering to different learning styles and languages while being inclusive of students’ abilities to be on campus are priorities for diversity in learning environments — that’s […]

Communication is Key: Improving Patient Success Rates with AV Technology

At the heart of healthcare is people — after all, it’s people that are being cared for and giving the care. That’s why communication is so essential when it comes to creating a positive patient experience. Whether you’re aiming to create a more inclusive treatment environment, enhance patient education, or provide ways to relieve stress […]