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4 Dynamic Digital Signage Trends We Saw in 2022

Dynamic digital signage has become a popular way for organizations to communicate with the public. From maps, directories, and visitor information to QR codes, dynamic digital signage keeps evolving, with new trends emerging every single day. Organizations in all types of industries are leveraging display technologies like LED walls, LCD monitors, and content management platforms […]

Using AV Technology to Boost Engagement in a Hybrid Workplace

The hybrid work model has quickly become the new norm, and statistics show it’s here to stay. According to Foundry’s 2022 Future of Work study, 94% of organizations have implemented some kind of hybrid-work structure and 41% of respondents believe hybrid work will remain in place for the foreseeable future. Hybrid work gives employees the […]

Five Helpful Tips for Successful Video Conferencing

Did you know more than half of businesses use video conferencing in their day-to-day operations? It’s no secret AV technology, like video conferencing, is essential in today’s business world. Being able to conduct a successful video conference call is important to securing potential clients and collaborating with team members in other locations. But there is […]

Higher Education: 5 Advantages of AV Technology on Campus

AV technology contributes to the rapid growth of higher education. Implementing this technology creates an infinite amount of possibilities that can positively impact student learning and greatly benefit students and professors alike. It helps to open the doors to a broader world of learning and increases the spectrum of available knowledge. Progressing the available technology […]

AV Technology Quick Start Guide: Finding the Right Solution for Your Business

Audiovisual technology has completely revolutionized the way organizations conduct business and has become an essential function for communication and productivity. With 90% of businesses investing in solutions like video conferencing technology, it’s clear that AV technology plays a major role in today’s workplace. Having the right solution drastically improves collaboration, increases efficiency, and opens up […]

Telehealth: AV Technology Advantages for Patients and Healthcare Providers

Healthcare organizations use telehealth to connect patients to vital health care services through videoconferencing. Although its usage surged during the pandemic, a majority of healthcare organizations, physicians, and patients still currently use telehealth. According to the 2021 AMA Telehealth Survey, 85% of physician respondents indicated they currently use telehealth, and more than 80% of patients […]

3 Essential AV Technology Trends for Corporations

Your organization most likely relies on AV technology for a majority of its essential business functions. Whether you operate remotely, have a hybrid remote workspace, or need to stay connected with different people and devices, AV technology likely plays a key role in your level of productivity and collaboration. Technology changes by the minute. With […]

Three Easy Ways an AV Integrator Can Benefit Your Business

An AV integrator designs and configures audio video solutions to improve communication and collaboration. From the initial strategy and design to installation and deployment, an AV integrator will guide you through the process and bring their expertise to get the right design and features for your business. Whether you’re creating a future-proof huddle space or […]

Using AV Technology to Improve Internal Operations in Healthcare

Healthcare workers have been put to the test the last few years. Despite their resilience, the pandemic has had a major impact on the healthcare industry resulting in stretched resources, staffing shortages, and communication challenges stemming from remote care. While your facility may have already adapted to changes caused by the pandemic, AV technology is […]

How to Empower Professors and Inspire Learning With the Right AV Technology

Ensuring professors and students have the right resources is essential in creating a high-quality educational experience. In today’s age, that means equipping classrooms and campuses with interactive and engaging technology the modern student expects. Implementing this technology creates numerous possibilities that can positively impact student learning and greatly benefit students and professors alike. It helps […]