Video Walls

Bring both functionality and a “wow” factor to your organization with audio visual innovations.

Visual centerpieces are key to trapping people’s attention, and the biggest, most eye-catching ones in the business are video walls. Impress visitors, clients, and partners alike with the remarkable crispness of a video wall from IVCi.

Improve Collaboration with Innovative AV Technology

Video walls can be so much more than a video chat and screen shares. With the right AV technology, you can foster a sustainable and interactive virtual meeting environment.

Flexible Layouts

Incorporate video walls into a professional or public space in a variety of creative ways, ranging from the simple grid set-up to more abstract, curved, and even 3D designs sure to make an impact on any viewer.

High-Quality Images and Presentations

Captivate your audience with crystal clear images across large areas through displays equipped with no resolution limits.

Interactive Displays

Involve viewers personally by incorporating interactivity displays that have the ability to serve various purposes in a professional space.

Enhanced Presentation

Capture viewers’ attention with beautiful graphics, dynamic presenter-content interactions, and the impressive, modern technology of video walls.

Case Study

When AvidXchange™, a leading FinTech provider of accounts payable and payment automation for midsize companies…


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