Audio visual solutions designed to maximize collaboration.

The quality of a design can make or break a collaboration environment both in functionality and aesthetic. Whether you’re after a ‘WOW’ factor or simply need the design to bolster higher production, we’ve got you covered. The experts at IVCi can take the chosen products and platforms and place them within the given space in a way that maximizes collaboration and production.

Designing Your AV Solutions

Whether you’re in-person, hybrid, or fully remote, we work with you to create a custom design that fits your needs. We take into consideration the products and platforms you use, as well as the support you need, to create a design perfect for your space. Our designs include overlays and flows to determine the best-case scenario of production within each space, with all the necessary elevations and spatial information.

Product and Platform

Support productivity with custom designs built to fit perfectly for your space with the chosen products and platforms.

Overlays and Flows

Choose the best-case scenario of production within each space through overlays and flows included in each design.

Roles and Responsibilities

Avoid confusion or overlap with a design that considers the support required for each install and maps out who is going to do what and when.

Elevations and Renderings

Get an accurate idea of the capabilities of your space before the technology is implemented with provided visuals and renderings.

Case Study

First Financial Credit Union in Chicago dreamed of creating the “Credit Union of the Future” by leveraging innovative technology …



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