Adoption & Utilization

Maximize your return on investment with our consulting services.

Nothing has a bigger impact on the success of the technology than the teams’ ability to work it.  Our Adoption & Utilization program is intended to help you not only cross the finish line, but help you get the best performance out of your AV technology, AV solutions, and boost your bottom line in the process.

Understanding Utilization and Promoting Adoption

We recognized the need for organizations to not only have great AV/VC technology but actually adopt and use the technology. Our exclusive Adoption & Utilization program is designed to answer this need, complete with training, documentation, metrics, and analytics to prove your AV/VC ROI.


Get first-use and ongoing training from skilled educators with proven sustainable techniques for any new or existing platforms.


Access documentation that includes specific steps and best practices, so any knowledge that isn’t retained is available for reference.


Reap the benefits of proper platform use and drive ROI growth through our multi-touch internal marketing program.


Monitor KPIs in real-time, set targeted goals, and provide proof of achievement through reporting and ongoing analysis and consultation.

Case Study

In this IVCi case study, learn how James Madison University has been able to benefit from AV consultation, design, and implementation.


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