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Challenges of an AV Integration

You can see the vision in your head — the perfect collaboration space for your team. It seems so simple as an idea, but actually executing your AV integration is a different story. While upgrading your AV technology is certainly a worthwhile investment, there are certain challenges that can appear along the way, making the […]

Conference Room Installation

Conference rooms have an entirely different purpose now than they did in the first office buildings. In the past they were designed solely for in-person meetings and working sessions. But that way of doing business is far behind us, with today’s conference rooms lightyears ahead of the stuffy boardrooms of generations past. A table with […]

Meeting Room Technologies that Maximize Communication and Collaboration

It’s amazing just how impactful the design of a room can be. A few key tweaks can be the difference between a purposeless room with some furniture and an innovative, user-driven collaboration space. With the assistance of an audio video conferencing company, this can be done easily and stress-free. A successful communication strategy is made […]

AV Room Design Considerations

There’s more that goes into setting up an AV room than just getting the technology integrated. While that’s a huge factor, failing to have the proper setting will make that technology less effective — in some cases, it could be altogether useless. Even slight imperfections in AV and conference rooms can cause major disruptions in […]

Video Conferencing Services and Unified Communications

In today’s world, businesses demand instant, seamless communication between workers and clients, regardless of where they are located or what technology they are using. IVCi can integrate a wide range of technology and solutions for seamless unified communications across offices, conference rooms, and distributed workforces. Video Conferencing Services & Unified Communication Solutions To succeed, today’s […]

Esports Integration within Schools

Recently we’ve been hearing a buzz around schools and universities that’s saying one thing: esports is rising in popularity. We’re seeing more and more institutions launching esports programs and we’re really excited about the development. This recent trend in the AV space is getting a lot of attention, and for good reason. We’re seeing an […]

IVCi Partnered with Unified Collegiate Esports Association (UCEA) for Collegiate Valorant Tournament

In the beginning of October 2020, we officially launched our ENGAGE platform and made it available to end users. The ENGAGE platform is a turnkey program for college and universities with esports programs or who are looking to start one. It provides the hardware, furnishings, support services, and lifecycle management needed to run esports programs […]

5 Ways to Get Back to Work Safely

Organizations across a number of industries are looking forward to getting back to work in their offices, but need to make sure they do so safely. COVID-19 is still a risk that businesses need to take seriously; in addition, there are CDC guidelines that need to be followed for reopening. But with some careful planning […]

IVCi Evolve – The Future of AV as a Service

As this past year has shown us, the key to productivity and business continuity in the face of uncertainty is technology. Even if a global pandemic didn’t turn the working world upside down this year, having the right audio video equipment in place would still be a business advantage. Think of it this way: while […]

Why Colleges and Universities Should Add Esports to Their Repertoire

When it comes to extracurricular activity, a lot of colleges and universities stick to the traditional: sports, clubs, Greek life, etc. But it’s the ones who are branching out to try something new that are seeing the most benefits. The National Association of Collegiate Esports reported that more than 170 colleges or universities in the […]