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What Does an AV Room Consist of?

While almost every aspect of “the workplace” has shifted significantly in recent years, you can argue that the meeting room has changed the most. Gone are days where people sat around boardroom tables in uncomfortable chairs, equipped with just a telephone, whiteboard, and maybe a projector. Now, audio video conferencing is the standard way for […]

IVCi x UEA Grand Prix Tournament

Gamers looking to take their video game skills to the next level are in luck. Esports is booming, offering more opportunities for gamers to showcase their skills, win prizes, and gain sponsorships that can help launch a successful Esports career. That’s right, career. Video games are no longer just a hobby — they’re a viable […]

Collegiate Esports and University Programs

Electronic gaming isn’t just a hobby anymore. For some, it’s a way to engage in a challenging activity, collaborate with others, and even earn a living. With that being said, it’s no surprise that esports is gaining popularity at the collegiate level. A lot of colleges and universities — large and small alike — have […]

AV as a Service with IVCi’s Evolve Subscription

The time has come for a new kind of user-inspired subscription service. IVCi’s EVOLVE AV as a Service subscription provides just that. As a room life-cycle solution, it includes design, procurement, deployment and support. AVaaS is the perfect formula of freedom and flexibility, affordability and convenience, and protection and peace of mind. IVCi’s EVOLVE has […]

QR Codes

Update of: https://ivci.com/news/qr-code-evolve-service/ What is a QR code? By now, we’re sure you’ve seen Quick Response (QR) codes in many places throughout your daily life. Simply put, they take a piece of digital media or communication and allow you to instantly access it on your phone via a unique code. In the past QR codes […]

AV Solutions

Update of: https://ivci.com/news/what-to-look-for-when-choosing-an-audio-visual-conferencing-company/ Audio video conferencing equipment has completely revolutionized the way organizations conduct business. And with the COVID-19 pandemic restructuring many companies to become distributed workforces, video conferencing has become an essential function for communication and productivity. But there’s more that goes into AV solutions than just cameras and audio equipment. It’s a multi-faceted […]

Challenges of an AV Integration

You can see the vision in your head — the perfect collaboration space for your team. It seems so simple as an idea, but actually executing your AV integration is a different story. While upgrading your AV technology is certainly a worthwhile investment, there are certain challenges that can appear along the way, making the […]

Conference Room Installation

Conference rooms have an entirely different purpose now than they did in the first office buildings. In the past they were designed solely for in-person meetings and working sessions. But that way of doing business is far behind us, with today’s conference rooms lightyears ahead of the stuffy boardrooms of generations past. A table with […]

Meeting Room Technologies that Maximize Communication and Collaboration

It’s amazing just how impactful the design of a room can be. A few key tweaks can be the difference between a purposeless room with some furniture and an innovative, user-driven collaboration space. With the assistance of an audio video conferencing company, this can be done easily and stress-free. A successful communication strategy is made […]

AV Room Design Considerations

There’s more that goes into setting up an AV room than just getting the technology integrated. While that’s a huge factor, failing to have the proper setting will make that technology less effective — in some cases, it could be altogether useless. Even slight imperfections in AV and conference rooms can cause major disruptions in […]