4 Dynamic Digital Signage Trends We Saw in 2022

December 14, 2022

Dynamic digital signage has become a popular way for organizations to communicate with the public. From maps, directories, and visitor information to QR codes, dynamic digital signage keeps evolving, with new trends emerging every single day. Organizations in all types of industries are leveraging display technologies like LED walls, LCD monitors, and content management platforms to communicate with their audience. Let’s take a look at some of the dynamic digital signage trends we saw in 2022.

1. Video Walls

Video walls are a visually appealing, efficient way to display large amounts of data or high-quality videos. They are great options for commercial spaces that need large displays or educational institutions that need to equip lecture halls with more efficient technology than a projector screen. We’re seeing organizations use video walls to replace projection screens because they have higher resolutions and may not be as affected by poor lighting or other environmental conditions.

2. Interactive Displays

Connecting with customers to create a more personal experience has become a major trend in 2022 and organizations are leveraging technology, like interactive digital displays, to create unforgettable connections with their audience. Like video walls, digital interactive displays are a visually appealing way to share information with a large number of people, but they go a step further. They can be programmed to display information in an engaging way that users can use to complete an experience. For example, enhanced AV technology in interactive maps and kiosks can allow visitors and guests a more engaging way to navigate their surroundings. Some technology can even connect with live support teams in real-time to assist on-screen or over audio.

3. QR Codes

In 2022, we saw a lot of (if not all) organizations using Quick Response (QR) codes to make a connection between public screens and personal devices. In the past QR codes were most popular on signs, t-shirts, flyers, and other items where a brand wants to take your experience from something physical to somewhere digital to learn more. Now in the post-COVID world, we’ve seen a QR code explosion as it’s used to provide touchless shopping and dining experiences. In fact, dynamic QR codes generated by users accumulated a total of 6,825,842 scans from global users–a 433% increase over 2021 figures.

4. Integrations

Digital signage integrations are an effective and efficient way to automate content updates on dynamic digital signage. This is especially beneficial to organizations with multiple locations and dynamic digital displays. For example, businesses can use digital signage integrations with meeting room schedules to automatically remove events that have already taken place and replace them with newly scheduled events, which is ideal for conference centers, entertainment venues, or offices that host a lot of meetings. As more and more organizations begin to make their way back to the office, digital signage integrations that automate content updates was a top trend in 2022 and a trend we expect to continue in the future.

Digital Signage that Helps You Break Through the Clutter

There’s never been a better or more adaptable way to inform, educate, and communicate with your audience. Digital signage is a great choice for businesses because it gives you the flexibility you need to ensure visibility through communication, and it helps grab (and keep) attention better than any other kind of signage.

If you are considering dynamic digital signage for your business, it’s best to trust the design and implementation process to an experienced AV integrator like IVCi. Contact us today if you want to see where your digital signage journey can take your organization.

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