The future of AVaaS is here.

Technology solutions and needs evolve. IVCi’s AV as a Service makes it simple to embrace and overcome the dynamics of AV integration systems with service options that allow for growth, upgrades, and advancing needs.

Everything You Need in One Subscription

IVCi’s EVOLVE subscription service is a user-inspired room life-cycle solution. It offers flexible technology and term options for our design, deployment, and support services that includes an adoption & utilization in-room QR code support application. It’s a no-worry break-fix, end-user-focused package.

Made Easy for You

Upgrade and expand your AV solution with ease through our user-inspired subscription model.

All-Inclusive Upgrade

Get greater flexibility, feasibility, and control that includes everything your AV integration system needs.

You’re Protected

Keep your investment protected from unforeseen expenses during Act of God situations.

Our Guarantee

Embrace and overcome all the dynamics of AV integration systems easily with the simplicity AVaaS provides.

Features and Benefits

QR Code In-Room Support Application

What is it?

The QR Code In-Room Support service is designed to answer a basic need: MAKE MEETINGS HAPPEN.


Meeting-starters are treated to a new and revolutionary kind of support that allows them to use their mobile phone to scan the on-screen QR code instantly, connecting to a help desk expert if any ‘start meeting’ issue arises.

Our Guarantee

The QR support service is designed not only to get people access to help when they need it, but also encourage learning and adoption of a room’s meeting setup over time, decreasing the time it takes to start a meeting and boosting productivity along the way.


The best part? It’s super simple to use:


  • Access the QR code via the Monitor in the Room via any smart device
  • Get directed to the Room Hub browser

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Case Study

In this IVCi case study, learn how James Madison University has been able to benefit from AV consultation, design, and implementation.


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