HAUPPAUGE, NY – November 24, 2020 – IVCi, a global leader in audio visual integration and support services, announced today that Adrian Bennett has joined the team as IVCi’s newest Senior Account Manager. Mr. Bennett has over 15 years of AV experience, beginning his career as an intern with Walters-Stork Design Group and worked his way up to his latest venture with Whitlock/AVISPL as a Global Account Manager.

Throughout the duration of his career, Mr. Bennett built his passion for delivering quality technology solutions in order to ensure client collaboration success. His understanding of the benefits technology can contribute to the need for communication and collaboration within a business align with IVCi’s core values and client goals. In addition to his years of experience, he also brings a wealth of industry knowledge that will contribute to the growth of IVCi.

“I look forward to being part of a transformational team that will invigorate and define a brand and business which attracts the best talent and delivers the highest quality as standard for our clients.”

Mr. Bennett graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science from the University of Miami and is a Certified Technology Specialist.

About IVCi
IVCi is a nationwide integrator that creates, builds and supports collaborative environments for people who want to lead, teams that want to connect and companies that want to evolve. This is accomplished by utilizing the very latest audio visual, unified communication and “as a service” products available. Our solutions provide the functionality, aesthetic and value that can only be achieved through best-in-class service, second-to-none expertise and a one-of-a-kind adoption and utilization program.

HAUPPAUGE, NY – July 16, 2020 – IVCi has grown exponentially; evolving into an international and nation-wide deployment company that has continuously provided our customers with top quality service and customer support that could not be accomplished without the skill and dedication from our employees across the United States. We have only been able to achieve our success because of our employees, and we are grateful for their drive to grow and continue to seek success for IVCi.

Our success can be largely attributed to one of IVCi’s finest and most driven employees, Dawn Cagliano. We are fortunate and proud to announce the appointment of Ms. Cagliano to Senior Vice President of Operations.

Ms. Cagliano began her career in 2006 as a Video Conferencing Coordinator. From there she quickly trailblazed her way up the ladder, taking on several management positions including: Project Manager, Director of Managed Services, and AVP of Client Services, with her latest title coming from her four years of experience as IVCi’s VP of Business Operations.

“Dawn has been instrumental in setting the standards that make IVCi great,” said Curtis Heath, Chief Operations Officer at IVCi, “Her leadership, motivation, and expertise contribute greatly to the success of the company and continue to drive IVCi forward. I am constantly impressed with her work and look forward to see her continue to break barriers and make great strides in her career.”

Beginning with her focus on satisfaction and employee engagement, along with resource and process optimization, Ms. Cagliano was selected to oversee all of IVCi’s operational teams.

Throughout her career Ms. Cagliano has consistently brought new ideas and kicked off new initiatives that only strengthened IVCi as a business. She established data-driven, proven successful outcomes and increased accountability through the implementation of surveys at every interaction with the operations team. Working with IVCi’s Bid team, she helped to create a separate implementations division targeted at ensuring the successful outcome of complex and large-scale projects. She also revolutionized relationships with vendors and subcontractors based on successful project outcomes ensuring that these partners are representative of IVCi and the standards we bring to the customer’s AV experience.

Internally, Ms. Cagliano introduced “Customer Service Week” and continues to chair the successful outcome of the event every year to honor the people who serve and support customers with the highest degree of care and professionalism. She also assisted in the onboarding of “Workplace”, an internal communication software, to enhance employee collaboration while modernizing the broadcast of company announcements.

Ms. Cagliano approaches even the most complex problems with tactical analysis and all the proficiencies of a true leader. She has strengthened the operations of every department throughout her tenure by focusing on the overall success of IVCi and will continue to do so in her role as SVP.