When it comes to increasing undergraduate enrollment, higher education institutions have stuck with largely the same tactics in recent years. They invest in advertising and high school outreach to attract students in the midst of deciding where they want to attend college.

However, there’s an underutilized recruitment tool that many colleges and universities are already investing in: AV technology. Through our experience integrating AV/VC technology in a number of educational institutions, we have learned some of the best tips for increasing undergraduate enrollment through AV.

1. Develop an eSports program to attract competitive gamers

eSports is increasing in popularity at an astounding pace. Having a robust eSports program attracts an entire new set of students with above-average critical thinking, teamwork, and technical skills. It’s also a welcomed addition for creating a well-rounded extracurricular program, as it combines the best of athletic teams and passion-based clubs. While eSports requires an intricate AV setup, its ability to attract students makes it a worthwhile investment.

2. Use remote or hybrid class formats to break down distance barriers

In the past, colleges and universities were limited by commuting distances and students’ willingness (or ability) to relocate. With a strong AV setup, schools can offer hybrid classes and even fully remote degree paths that mimic the in-person experience. This is a more attractive alternative to asynchronous remote learning since the student can interact with the class and engage with the instructor and classmates, creating a better experience than independent learning through pre-recorded videos.

3. Include the world’s finest educators and guest speakers

Just as AV technology opens your institution up to a broader range of students, it does the same for faculty and guest speakers. You can bring in professors and speakers from around the world, highlighting the best each field has to offer, without the impracticality of having them travel to your institution. Getting highly-regarded speakers and faculty into your classes — even to speak via video conference — boosts the desirability of your programs.

4. Provide more “hands-on” virtual experiences

While virtual experiences are nothing new in colleges and universities, you can utilize AV/VC technology to make yours stand out. For example, students pursuing medical fields can “attend” and “observe” appointments and procedures directly from the classroom. AV technology can also be easily integrated with VR and AR to further promote hands-on learning virtually.

5. Give students better access to the resources they need

Students aren’t attracted to schools solely for their academics. The student experience encapsulates their overall experience. AV technology gives students better access to resources like translators, academic support, mental health assistance, and more — everything they would need to have a great experience. If you are able to show prospective students that they will have access to everything they may need, they will be more interested in attending your institution.

Have you noticed the common factor here? All of these tips utilize AV technology to create an experience that prospective students can get excited to be a part of. If you’re ready to upgrade your institution’s AV/VC technology to increase enrollment, contact IVCi today.

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