IVCi Engage x UCEA Valorant Collegiate Tournament

IVCi is celebrating the launch of their new ENGAGE esports service for collegiate programs! Check out our event October 2nd-4th exclusively on Twitch. Our event is open to all university programs affiliated with UCEA, register HERE to get involved! (Registration closes 12:00 p.m. CST on 9/18/2020)
More details to come!

We Work, You Play

IVCi’s premier subscription-based service that provides esports hardware and services for academic environments. We give coaches the ability to focus on strategy and training, rather than maintain the administrative aspects of growing their program.

ENGAGE is unique to the needs of the user and includes configurable PC’s and accessories specifically for esports. Considering your unique needs, it can also include access to the low latency ENGAGE Game Play Network (GPN), modular furniture (desks and chairs) with the ability to customize for their program. Each subscription also includes full technical support through a QR based video portal for fast, live agent service.

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