Video Conferencing Services and Unified Communications

In today’s world, businesses demand instant, seamless communication between workers and clients, regardless of where they are located or what technology they are using. IVCi can integrate IM, telephony, video, web conferencing, and AV rooms into a seamless unified communications solution available in offices, conference rooms and on mobile devices.

Video Conferencing Services & Unified Communication Solutions

To succeed, today’s businesses require instant, uninterrupted communication between staffers and clients that integrates both their locations and technologies. IVCi’s video conferencing services and unified communication solutions span IM, telephony, video, web, and AV rooms. We combine these diverse technologies into a seamless solution that can be made readily available via offices, conference rooms and on mobile devices.

Successful businesses know the value of building relationships within and outside their organization, regardless of any distance between them. IVCi’s Collaboration Strategists are solid professionals highly skilled in designing the system that matches exactly how your culture runs. Simply put, your team does not have to adjust to accommodate how your communication technology ‘works’. IVCi’s video conferencing services and unified communication solutions will integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

The Unified Communication System Your Business Requires to Succeed

Every business needs the right collaborative tools to reach their full potential and achieve business success. IVCi’s professionals are industry-certified and understand the difficulties involved in syncing video, chat, voice, mobile and content sharing into your custom UC solution. We use a range of proprietary tools to gauge and evaluate your network. We’ll then present you with deployment options based on your needs. These will outline financial and strategic (competitive) advantages of each proposed solution, ranging from a premise-based infrastructure, a cloud-based solution, or perhaps a combination of the two options. IVCi’s professionals have your bottom line in mind. Our proposals gauge short- and long-term gains to highlight the business value every proposed solution offers. Our goal is to assist your organization, via customized unified communications and video conferencing solutions, to be more productive and competitive.

Learn More about Our UC Solutions

IVCi has a strong history of delivering successful video conferencing services and collaboration solutions, backed by our prestigious partnerships. Our proven track record speaks for itself. We offer our expertise in building solid video infrastructures and unified communication solutions that assist in growing our clients’ business enterprises. To learn more, please contact us, or call (800) 224-7083.