Conference Room Installation

Today’s conference rooms are lightyears ahead of the stuffy boardrooms that are familiar to generations past. A table with ample seating is only the beginning of an environment where seamless collaboration can occur across numerous media platforms, with possibly a worldwide reach. The right technology can be harnessed to provide the stage whereby corporate, educational, or financial talent can synergize.

The best decision is to contact IVCi for a customized solution, tailored to meet your business’ present and future conferencing needs. IVCi has been a long-standing conference room installation leader. We not only enable our clients to fully assess their needs, but also provide the professional installations and support required to ensure full collaboration success.

Our process begins with the Discovery Phase, a thorough site survey/needs analysis. Next, during the Development Phase, our professional design engineers will customize the ideal solution to meet your specific requirements. This phase may also include our proprietary IVCi 3D Modeling which provides a simulated walkthrough experience. By visualizing the space this way, layouts and other decisions are more accurate and reduce or prevent post deployment visits to remediate unforeseen issues. Once the design has been finalized, the Deployment Phase begins. This exciting segment of your project will be overseen by our highly-experienced Project Manager, utilizing IVCi Project, a precise project-tracking tool that provides real-time communication team-wide. Since every aspect of your project is recorded, potential time and budget problems can be addressed before they escalate.

IVCi’s proven track record of service excellence continues long after the build. The recorded project history remains on file in IVCi Project and is available to our help desk to troubleshoot any future concerns. Our process and our professionals─ that’s the IVCi difference!

Decades of Experience, Thousands of Successful Installations

We focus our expertise on designing video conferencing solutions in the manufacturing, educational, federal, state and local government, healthcare, legal, and financial sectors without regard to the size of your project. Whatever the scope of your conference room installation, from a small group learning space within an educational environment, to projects that enable corporate video-conferencing at several locations, or perhaps a dedicated workspace for meetings with prospects and industrial suppliers around the globe, IVCi can readily meet the challenge and provide the optimal solution.

IVCi provides a needs-based, yet scalable customized design. Every aspect of the project has been considered in the design, from rooms-size(s), electrical, to audio output, even Internet speed. Next we provide the services of our highly experienced implementation and testing team, followed by IVCi’s renowned customer service support that begins the day your conference room installation is complete. You can rely on IVCi every step of the way from onset to post-installation.

Allow IVCi to provide your business with the technology solutions needed to ensure your continued success. For more information, please contact us at (800) 224-7083.