Design Considerations

AV Room Design Considerations

When creating a collaboration solution, other factors such as aesthetics, acoustics, lighting, shading, and furniture must be considered since they all impact room performance and your experience. For example, the lighting or acoustics for a video conference or boardroom differ significantly from those in an auditorium or training room. And, a properly designed AV room is critical to productivity; slight imperfections can have major ramifications. In an auditorium, if speakers are not placed correctly, participants in the back of the room will get frustrated because they can’t hear. Therefore, it’s really important to understand the scope and complexity of a room’s functionality—including its size, shape, and building materials—to deliver a quality user experience.


Everyone in the room must be able to hear the speaker. Many different factors contribute to the clarity of audio including ambient noise from a heating or cooling system or hard surfaces that reflect sound and cause reverberations.


Lighting is extremely important for both in-room and remote participants. Improper lighting can cause eye strain for local participants while also washing out or creating shadows for remote participants.


Attractive shades not only make a room appealing, they control the amount of light entering through windows and doors.


Furniture should be aesthetically pleasing and functional. Together with Innovant, IVCi offers a new line of furnishings to deliver a signature aesthetic while also providing practical amenities. With superior cable management and the ability to mount displays onto furniture instead of walls, it enables a space to be visually impressive and comfortable while also reducing implementation expenses.

Choose a Proven AV Partner

Consider the benefits of using IVCi’s Design Services to implement your next AV room. With our knowledge and collective expertise in design and implementation we have what it takes to develop a roadmap for executing your collaboration strategy. Then, when you’re ready to start, give yourself peace-of-mind. Contact IVCi, a proven AV partner, to get the design services you deserve for the rooms you need.