Healthcare workers have been put to the test the last few years. Despite their resilience, the pandemic has had a major impact on the healthcare industry resulting in stretched resources, staffing shortages, and communication challenges stemming from remote care.

While your facility may have already adapted to changes caused by the pandemic, AV technology is making it easier to support healthcare workers and streamline internal operations to prevent burnout.

Here is a look at how healthcare organizations can use AV technology to improve internal operations to support workers as they continue to provide exceptional patient care.

AV technology makes it easier to communicate with patients

Teleconferencing quickly became the norm during the pandemic and has reshaped patient care in the process. This once underutilized method of care continues to bring ease, comfort, and reliability to both patients and healthcare providers. Teleconferencing lets providers easily retain patient-physician relationships from anywhere. Using video-conferencing technology has allowed providers to simplify their administrative tasks, operational lead-times, and reduce high in-facility traffic. Staff are able to spend more time accommodating in-house patients, and patients are given the ability to communicate their symptoms, concerns, and questions to doctors from anywhere. It also cuts down on time and infrastructure costs, further increasing the efficiency and productivity internally.

Streamlined work processes can improve productivity and patient care

AV technology allows workflow to happen at a faster, more efficient pace, as providers can continuously meet, and collaborate in real time utilizing video conference calls, interactive documents, and chat rooms. For example, a virtual waiting room solution lets the provider streamline and digitize waiting room processes, like collecting insurance information, copays and payments, and updating medical information. Digital registration through virtual waiting rooms makes medical information easily available to both patients and providers, giving healthcare workers more time to focus on providing quality patient care.

Enhanced training programs

Health care professionals can take advantage of AV technology to enhance training programs. From protocols and processes to medical procedures, staff members can be updated or learn

new information at a much more efficient pace. Implementing AV technology can also expand the outreach of professionals involved in the training, such as overseas experts or specialists.

Make a difference in patient and staff outcomes with AV technology

Innovative AV technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing patient and staff experiences. To further support healthcare workers and improve the patient experience, healthcare facilities should consider implementing or upgrading their AV technology.

At IVCi, we focus on technology for the healthcare industry so that institutions can focus on what matters. Through technology-backed solutions and support, we help streamline operations and preferred patient experiences. Contact us today to see how AV technology can make a difference at your healthcare facility.

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