We’ve all been there: anxiously awaiting our turn in our digital meeting space. Finally, we speak up only to be interrupted mid-sentence. “You’re on mute,” our colleagues exclaim as we scramble to remember “is it spacebar to unmute… or a shift command?” Before frantically fumbling for the mouse.

It’s no secret that the last two years have brought on many new ways to meet and work together. While the change to a more digital platform may have been unwelcomed for some, we have learned to make the best of our situations and use AV technology to our advantage—technical hiccups and all.

As you ease into your level of personal comfort in your digital environment, here are some helpful tips for reconfiguring your remote workspace for optimal collaboration.

Evaluate your tools

  • Are the programs and equipment you and your organization are using best serving your team? Performing a regular evaluation of your audio and visual capabilities, with employee input, can help ensure the overhead costs of your AV integration are appropriately utilized and appreciated.

Explore your program settings

  • Whether you’re using desktop or browser versions to manage your productivity and connections, nearly all will feature a “Settings” option. Here, you can explore customized user interfaces, colors, templates, or layouts to display your virtual world in a way that best works for you or your organization.

Set reminders

  • Checklists are easiest to complete when we have reminders. In an office setting, the bustle of an in-person team can be a great reminder of upcoming meetings or tasks. But when working remotely… our pets and toddlers aren’t always the best officemates. Setting calendar reminders can be an excellent way to stay on track—while limiting the clutter or space for various sticky notes around your workspace. (Don’t worry—we still use them too!)

Fill your workspace with what inspires you

  • Let’s face it, working in the same place where you relax, eat, and sleep can feel like a never-ending cycle. Reinvigorate your workspace with something that motivates you. Whether it’s a new plant, your favorite coffee mug, or a cozy corner of your home—there are endless possibilities to make your work from home space more inspiring.

Finally—Unmute & Unplug

  • When you complete your day, and you’re able to focus on your personal life, separate your work and home spaces. Make an effort—if you can—to leave your projects in your workspace. Being a contributive member of a team means you need time to refresh and recharge. That unplugged time will allow your work connections to flourish the next day.

Whether your needs are technical, creative, team-oriented, or personal, you can take simple steps to ensure a more collaborative remote workspace.

IVCi offers a range of innovative AV technology solutions to ensure seamless collaboration while working remotely. IVCi can help foster connections across your digital office from strategy building to design and implementation. Contact us today to see how we can work together.

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