Spring is starting to bloom! And with the new season comes everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) chore: Spring Cleaning. So, as we dust off our homes and workspaces to invite a breath of fresh air, let’s also consider bringing new life into our business’s AV technology.

Here are a few simple steps we can all take to clean, declutter, organize, and upgrade our workspaces to ensure our technology is running with optimum efficiency.

Put in Some Elbow Grease

Whether you’re working in the office or remotely, it can be easy to let our computers, laptops, and other work equipment get a little on the dusty side. But, when dust collects in our technology, it can affect everything from keyboards to laptop fans and even microphone quality. Not to mention, if not properly sanitized, frequently used surfaces can harbor harmful bacteria that can make you and your coworkers sick.

Make the most of the time and money you invested into your business’s AV technology by scheduling regular cleaning, sanitizing, and maintenance of your work equipment. Also, be sure to read your device’s cleaning manuals for proper instruction. Don’t have the manuals handy? No problem! Reach out to us and we can help give you tips on the best (and safest) ways to clean your AV equipment, so it’s always running smoothly.

Declutter Your Workstation

Is your desk starting to look like a scene from a horror film? Or maybe the wires behind/underneath your desk looks more like an animal’s nest? Unfortunately, it’s common to set up your workspace and get into a routine where those organizational issues aren’t as big of a priority as the work itself and thus get placed on the backburner. But when desks are disorganized, or cables are tangled, the chaos can be more of a distraction, leading to lower productivity, distorted images on screens, unexpected dimness or static, and unbalanced volume controls.

Taking time to declutter your work and tech spaces can give you a fresh slate each day so you can jump right into the work without having to worry if your stack of papers is going to tumble off your desk. Additionally, by untangling and grouping the wires that power your devices, you are eliminating stress on the cables that impact the quality of your audio and visual components. The result is a more seamless, collaborative space for your teammates and clients to thrive.

Organize Your Files

Sometimes spring cleaning is more than just sanitizing equipment and decluttering your workspace. It’s also an assessment of systems and programs. It’s best practice to regularly review files and programs that power your systems and operations. We’ve all experienced the chaos of trying to find the correct folder to save a document or searching endlessly to find a folder you know was just there.

Save you and your team from the added stress of searching by scheduling time each month to review your files. If your organization manages files by department, give each department lead the opportunity to scan through their folders, delete unnecessary files, and regroup essential documents. Then, come together as a team to strategize the best way to work together to ensure proper folder maintenance.

Upgrade Your Technology

Tech companies engineer newer and more updated equipment every year. With each upgrade comes new systems and better ways to serve your clients and customers. Touchless meeting controls, wireless screen sharing, digital signage for guidance and alerts, and digital office navigation can all be used to give your office space a much-needed digital makeover. Your employees and clients will thank you!

Choose the Right AV Partner

Maintaining your AV technology can be an effortless task, especially with a partner like us. IVCi can provide custom equipment that is easy to install, use, and manage. Plus, with our expert assistance every step of the way, spring cleaning can go from being a chore to being something to look forward to every year! Contact us today to see how your AV technology can be ready for the new season ahead.

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