By now, your organization has probably come to rely on AV/VC technology for quite a bit of your essential business functions. Whether you operate remotely, have a hybrid remote workspace, or need to stay connected with different people and devices, AV and VC technology are likely responsible for your level of productivity and collaboration.

But just like no two businesses are exactly the same, no two AV technology plans should be the same either. Building a custom AV/VC technology plan for your business this year can ensure that you are meeting your specific needs while using budget efficiently — among many other benefits.

The future of AV/VC technology this year

To build an effective custom AV/VC technology plan, it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of how technology is advancing and what to expect this year. Pair that with your business’ changing needs and goals, and your plan may end up looking different than you initially thought — and that may be a good thing.

Here are some ways we’re seeing AV/VC technology evolve and advance for this upcoming year:

  • The demand for touchless technology like motion sensor lights and power continues to skyrocket because of safety and convenience.
  • Dynamic digital displays are becoming the standard in communicating with, educating, and entertaining guests.
  • Video walls are up and coming for their ability to take projection screens to the next level
  • AV as a Service (AVaaS) is emerging as the future of AV/VC technology for organizations looking for simple to manage, full scope AV services.

Think about if these technologies could make your workplace more efficient, safer, and a better experience overall. If yes, they should be included in your AV/VC technology plan this year.

Benefits of building a custom AV/VC technology plan for your business

While out-of-the-box solutions might seem like the “easier” choice, they can be deceiving. Over time, you’ll have to spend more time and money tweaking, upgrading, and changing the solution after a period of trial and error.

Building a custom AV/VC technology plan is the more beneficial route, both long term, and short term. With a custom plan, you can:

  • Truly meet your business needs while catering to your current work arrangement
  • Stay flexible and agile for any future changes that may come up
  • Tailor a support plan that makes the most sense with how your organization will be using their technology
  • Ensure a more efficient use of budget than having to purchase unnecessary solutions that come with some packages

If you hesitate to build a custom technology plan because you’re not sure where to start or are not well suited for the strategy and design portion, don’t let that deter you. AV integrators can help you in every step of the process, starting with strategy and going through ongoing support.

You can also utilize an AV integrator who offers AVaaS to create a custom subscription service to meet your technology and support needs, while ensuring you have the best solution in place for your current (and future) situation.

IVCi is a full-service AV integrator who is experienced in helping organizations of all industries build custom AV/VC technology plans and AVaaS subscriptions. Learn more by contacting us today.

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