Unfortunately, a lot of businesses were completely blindsided by the Covid-19 crisis. They either had no business continuity plan in place and are scrambling to make one as they go, or they had a loosely framed and outdated plan that doesn’t hold up in today’s business world.

For essential businesses or businesses that are still operating under limited capacity, safety is the top concern. It’s critical to take extreme precautions to limit unnecessary exposure for your personnel and customers during this time. Times like these are when we need to lean into technology tools, like Teleportivity, to help keep personnel and customers safe during this outbreak.

Teleportivity is a tool that allows organizations to scale their support staff across sites remotely using audio visual and information deployment technology. This drastically reduces the amount of physical exposure personnel and customers will face, without sacrificing any of the functionality of your in-house support team.

Here are the key features of Teleportivity that you can utilize for your business continuity plan:

Welcome Space

Welcome Space allows you to scale, push, and pull your welcome staff virtually based on demand. People who enter your building or area will be met with a virtual connection to your welcome staff.

This helps control high traffic locations and keeps your business in better compliance with social distancing recommendations — without having to sacrifice a constant, seamless customer experience.

Being able to adapt to the current circumstances without compromising customer service is a key component to a successful business continuity plan.

Info Space

Info Space allows visitors and customers to get all the information they need without having an in-person concierge desk. With Info Space, you can create and deploy thousands of unique links or QR codes to be placed anywhere throughout your location. Visitors can access these codes and scan them on their mobile devices, without needing a designated app.

These codes will give access to items like maps, forms, documents, videos, and even on-demand live assistance from remote support staff. With Info Space, you’ll retain all the benefits of an information desk without the need for in-person staffing.

Support Space

Support Space allows for the utilization of meeting spaces and huddle rooms without the need for on-site support staff. Through unique QR codes and links, your meeting spaces and huddle rooms are transformed into connected portals. Through these codes, you can get instructions and live assistance via remote staff. Therefore, fewer people are needed in a room to successfully carry out a meeting. You’ll be able to comply with regulations regarding gathering sizes without sacrificing any key components of your meeting or presentation.

It’s never been more important to keep staff and customers safe, and right now that means limiting exposure and keeping as many people in their homes as possible. With that being said, essential businesses are still expected to keep a seamless customer experience and deliver their services without interruption. Luckily, technology is at the forefront of business continuity plans and making this possible.

So while your human support staff is essential for the operation of your business, there’s no need to put more people at risk. Deploy your workforce where they’re needed most, while they remain safely in one location. Thanks to the latest in audio visual and information demand technology, you can provide a seamless customer experience no matter the business landscape. In need of a business continuity plan? Teleportivity has you covered.

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