It’s that time of year again — time for resolutions and goals and creating plans to make them happen. As we approach a new year that will see many organizations embracing a hybrid remote workspace, it’s important to make sure their technology design is on par with their needs.

Technology design should be a part of your 2022 planning, and with the help of an AV integrator, it can take your hybrid remote workspace to the next level.

The hybrid remote workspace and its evolved technology requirements

Hybrid remote workspaces are referred to as “the future of work” — and for a good reason. They provide employees with the work-from-home flexibility they grew to enjoy during the pandemic while maintaining collaboration and productivity levels that help businesses maintain their bottom line.

But to strike that balance properly, the right technology design needs to be in place. So, while your current design can serve as a starting point, it’s essential to keep in mind that technology requirements are different in a hybrid remote workspace than in a traditional office setting.

For example, there needs to be a seamless way for team members to participate in meetings or working sessions whether they are in the office or remote. That means having cloud-based video conferencing solutions with hardware that’s easy to use in multiple settings. It also means rethinking overlays, flows, and roles/responsibilities due to the shift in staff scheduling and resource demands.

The workplace design also now relies on technology, whereas previously, it was a nice addition to the in-person collaboration the office offered. Many important business functions, like meetings, cannot happen without advanced technology in a hybrid setting. Some examples include:

  • Video conferencing platforms
  • Cameras and microphones
  • Document storage/management platforms
  • Digital signage that can be updated remotely

These (and others) need to be factored into your overall technology design from a new perspective once your organization goes hybrid. You must have a solid understanding of how different technologies integrate with each other, your software and platforms, and the people who will be managing and using them.

How IVCi can support your technology design and hybrid remote workspace

There’s more to a technology design than just selecting items. While products and platforms certainly are an important aspect, there are also flows, roles and responsibilities, and elevations and renderings to consider in order to iron out the details before implementing anything new.

As an AV service provider, IVCi can help with every stage of the technology process, including strategy, design, implementation, support, and more. With services like Managed Video and Cloud video, our areas of expertise play well into hybrid remote workspaces.

Maybe your organization is looking for even more assistance with their hybrid setup — that’s where Evolve AVaaS can be a great option. As a subscription-based service, Evolve offers flexible technology and term options for design, deployment, and support services so you can focus on achieving other business goals while the experts handle your technology needs.

Even though 2022 is here, it’s not too late to put together a technology design plan that will significantly impact this year. The team at IVCi is ready to help you get your project up and running quickly. Whether you’re looking for just design services, implementation and support, or even full service AVaaS, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get started.

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