It’s amazing just how impactful the design of a room can be. A few key tweaks can be the difference between a purposeless room with some furniture and an innovative, user-driven collaboration space. With the assistance of an audio video conferencing company, this can be done easily and stress-free.

A successful communication strategy is made up of a carefully-selected combination of meeting room technologies — and the team at IVCi can help you figure out which AV conferencing system is right for you. Here are some common examples:

Huddle rooms

Replacing standard meeting rooms with huddle rooms improves collaboration and breaks the physical barriers that prevents people in different locations from having face to face meetings. You’ll need a few strategic pieces of equipment to form your huddle room, including audio video conferencing equipment, and strategically placed furniture and lighting. With those few small adjustments, you’ll be able to instantly connect with other team members or learners.

Video walls and displays

Reinforcing key information is important in learning environments and business presentations alike. Video walls and digital displays are a visually appealing, effective way to do so. Strategic placement and the ability to easily control and change the content will help digital signage and video walls be even more effective communication tools.

Extended classrooms

Remote learning is no longer just an option for a handful of colleges and universities. Now, it’s a standard practice by which all schools are expected to be prepared to operate. Extended classrooms allow educators to communicate with students, share material, and create interactive lesson features (like quiz questions and polls), for an immersive and effective learning experience.

AV as a Service

For organizations looking for a communication strategy without significant capital expenditure or maintenance, Audio Video as a Service (AVaaS) is a great communication and collaboration technology. The subscription-based model keeps costs predictable while granting access to white-glove service and QR-code accessible support. Subscribing to AVaaS ensures your organization always has access to the latest technology at all times with the ability to scale, upgrade, or change at any time.

Strategy for Success

IVCi’s highly efficient audio visual conferencing solutions will provide optimal classroom participation and learning opportunities. Maximize the value and spontaneity that huddle rooms offer for peak meeting outcomes. Your team will include input from all staff with IVCi’s conference room tools, even if they are located across the country.

Remain competitive and stay in touch with today’s increasingly remote workforce. Via tablets and mobile devices, IVCi’s conferencing packages turn any setting into an opportunity for seamless, wireless collaboration.

More and more advertisers and businesses are utilizing video walls and digital signage displays to attract shoppers, convey information, or just to interact.

However your team collaborates or interacts with prospects, clients, and customers, IVCi provides the audiovisual products and services to allow your business to continue its success story.

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