With many organizations around the country making a partial or complete return to their offices in the upcoming months, they will have to reimagine their workspace to account for new working styles and safety measures.

One of the biggest adjustments organizations will have to face is how to best utilize their shared spaces like conference rooms. With the right audio video setups and solutions, organizations can transform conference rooms from just a gathering place to a productivity and collaboration hub.

Here are the ideal AV setups and solutions for achieving that:

Digital and interactive displays

Meetings are most impactful when they utilize shared content and/or provide real time collaboration opportunities. Digital and interactive displays allow for presenters and contributors to not only share supporting content, but make in-meeting changes. This transforms meetings into working sessions, getting the most out of everybody’s time.

Audio and video equipment

While this may seem obvious, too many organizations rely on their devices’ built-in cameras and microphones during meetings with remote participants. However, using external equipment can provide much better quality which reduces interruptions and improves meeting efficiency.

Plus, dedicated AV equipment can come in a variety of connectivity choices: wired, wireless, and combination. That way, you can have the equipment on hand that works best for your meeting format rather than be tied to a specific device.

Cloud video

Cloud Video Experience (CVE) allows you to meet with anyone from any connected device, like a desktop, phone, or tablet. With endless endpoints and the ability to connect multiple devices to the same account, CVE is ideal for an organization with multiple conference rooms, multiple locations, or teams that operate in a hybrid remote/in-office work model.

Easy to use control and support

Getting meetings kicked off is only half the battle. Knowing how to utilize controls during meetings and troubleshoot technical difficulties is important for ensuring adoption and buy-in on a company-wide scale. The most efficient way to ensure proper training and support is to enlist the help of a full-service AV integrator; not only can they help you select and install the technology you need for your conference room, but they can provide the on-demand support you need too.

For example, IVCi provides QR codes on their equipment that users can scan to access helpful resources or contact on-demand help to get their meetings up and running.

AV as a Service (AVaaS)

The ultimate solution for your conference room needs is one that covers it all. AV as a Service is an all-in-one productivity solution that’s available to your organization via a subscription model. You can upgrade technology at any time, scale up or down depending on changing needs, change the terms of your lifecycle, employ break-fix services, and access on-demand end user support — all in one easy-to-manage subscription.

For assistance finding the right solutions for your conference room, contact the IVCi team today. We can assist with the strategy, integration, and support you need to set your team up for success.

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