The current generation has changed the college admissions landscape; this technology-reliant crowd isn’t settling for anything less than cutting-edge technology that transforms their skillset. As such, colleges and universities are incorporating AV technology wherever applicable to attract this new generation of digital natives, and stay ahead of the curve.

To keep up with the changing technology and stay one step ahead of the game, universities should take advantage of AV as a Service solutions, like IVCi’s EVOLVE subscription service. EVOLVE is a user-inspired subscription service that offers flexible technology and term options for our design, deployment, and support services. It offers a multitude of benefits for universities that want to adapt to the technology tide, boost admissions, and deliver a “wow” factor to students.

Upgrade technology at any time.

It’s no secret that technology changes by the minute, and oftentimes it can be tough to keep up, let alone stay ahead. EVOLVE makes it easy for your AV technology to upgrade and expand as technology evolves, without the stress.

Cater to student demands.

AVaaS makes it easy for universities to expand their AV technology offerings and deliver the technology that students want, without the stress. As research and technology evolves, so do student demands. Having the flexibility to pivot and make changes quickly makes a huge difference.

On-demand support.

All hardware and software is monitored and supported by an in-house team, preventing and solving problems at record speed. Quicker response time decreases downtime and gives faculty peace of mind knowing that when they are ready to use it, the equipment is going to work perfectly for them.

Not sure where to start? Contact us today and we can work together to build a strategy that fits the specific needs of your institution.

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