As more and more students enter college campuses expecting the latest and greatest technology, faculty are often left to adjust to the changes with little to no guidance. This process is made even more strenuous when some faculty members actively oppose embracing new technology in the classroom.

When faculty or staff have a hard time adjusting to new technology, there are simple steps your university can take to help them acclimate on their own time and in ways that foster collaboration. Here are some of the ways you can develop a proactive approach when upgrading your university’s AV technology.

Involve Faculty in Choosing Equipment

Whether you’re incorporating digital signage throughout campus common areas, or enhancing a stairatorium in the classroom, the faculty that use them should assist in choosing which solutions work best for them. Gaining valuable feedback from faculty and staff can help eliminate intimidation they might feel and helps establish a better, more positive working relationship and culture.

Include Staff in Installation and Deployment

To the extent possible, allow faculty the opportunity to provide input on the layout and structure of the new AV technology. Because faculty members will use the equipment on a near daily basis, they will be able to provide an incredible insight to how the technology can be set up to best work for their needs. Whenever possible, be sure to collaborate with faculty and staff to see how they work best. For individuals who may struggle adopting new technology, perhaps a mix of traditional and high-tech solutions is the best way forward.

Offer Hands-On Training Exercises

Whether the new equipment is already installed or if you are still planning to have equipment installed, it’s always a best practice to dedicate time for training. For beginners and novices alike, new technology always spurs an opportunity to educate no matter the skill level of the user. Informed users will be able to better handle the equipment, thus building trust and protecting your investment.

Follow Up

It’s likely that faculty and staff will continue to have questions and feedback even after planning, installation, and training. Make it a habit to regularly check in with faculty to see how the new equipment is working. Collecting this feedback will ensure that faculty members’ voices are heard while also creating a system to find what’s working and what could be improved.

Choosing the right equipment for your faculty is critical to ensuring employee satisfaction and comfortability in their roles. Plus, with hybrid-remote options continuing to expand, faculty members will need to remain adaptable for the future. If the process seems labor intensive, that’s where IVCi steps in!

IVCi offers strategy, products, and training that ensure your university not only has the most up-to-date AV technology, but that your teams are equipped to adopt and use the technology effectively. We believe that nothing has a bigger impact on the success of the technology, than the team’s ability to work and thrive within it! Contact us to learn more!

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