Advertisements and signs are all around us, but which ones usually catch our eyes? Regardless of your industry, innovative and interactive screens can allow us to engage more directly with the message and each other.

Digital signage that sparks interaction can help increase customer loyalty, fortify brand recognition, and collect data on customer trends. See how the following industries utilize digital signage to create more memorable impressions.


Whether you’re advertising for a new product, a social event, or standard brand awareness, digital signs are an incredible way to grab the attention of your target audience. Interactive videos on billboards and marquees have the power to captivate audiences more effectively than traditional static images. Increased interaction leads to more customer attention and (hopefully) higher sales.

Business & Finance

Almost any executive working in business or finance would agree on a common goal: use innovation to maximize return on investment. Business offices can use digital signage in many dynamic ways. For Example, digital signs next to doors of meeting rooms can display schedules and allow team members to request room access for specific times quickly.  Additionally, finance executives at banks and credit unions can incorporate interactive screens in their lobbies and drive-thrus so their customers can communicate with financial experts in a more engaging way.


Take presentations and lectures to the next level by deploying digital signage. With digital signage in classrooms and campuses, students, faculty, and staff can feel more connected to each other and their surroundings. In addition, digital signage can aid both students and instructors as they collaborate and produce thought leadership in a variety of educational fields.


As the concern for patient care continues to rise, healthcare facilities are relying more and more on digital signage. Medical facilities can use digital signage in elevators, waiting rooms, and wall displays to improve wayfinding for patients and visitors navigating the medical facility. Digital enhancements can also allow physicians better quality of medical simulation observation. Additionally, digital screens can be used to improve telehealth screenings for individuals who may require strict social distancing or who may not be able to travel to a hospital.


Imagine going to your favorite eatery and being able to customize your order directly from the table! With digital signs in restaurants, customers can select items, customize service, and pay for their order from the convenience of a digital device. These devices can be customized to fit several needs, from fast food to fine dining, giving flexibility and interactivity to a fun night out!


While online shopping and e-commerce continue to grow, many consumers still relish the nostalgia of a trip to the mall. Now, your favorite stores can utilize digital signs not only to advertise new products, but to create an interactive purchasing window. Digital signage can allow customers to shop for customized items that may not be available in stores so they can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Visitor Management

Travelers use maps and information kiosks in a variety of settings. Malls, hospitals, amusement parks, museums… the list could go on! Guests deserve the highest level of service at the touch of a button (or screen). Enhanced AV technology in interactive maps and kiosks can allow visitors and guests a more engaging way to navigate their surroundings. Some technology can even connect with live support teams in real-time to assist on-screen or over audio.

What’s Next?

When it comes to making work and play more fun, the possibilities are endless! Contact IVCi today if you want to see where your digital signage journey can take your business.

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