Audiovisual technology has completely revolutionized the way organizations conduct business and has become an essential function for communication and productivity. With 90% of businesses investing in solutions like video conferencing technology, it’s clear that AV technology plays a major role in today’s workplace.

Having the right solution drastically improves collaboration, increases efficiency, and opens up endless possibilities for business growth. If your organization is considering investing in or looking to upgrade its current system, we’ve put together a quick start guide to help you identify the right solution that fits your business’s needs.

1. Analyze What You Have

Your AV solution should address your challenges and fit the needs of your organization. Finding the right system starts with taking an assessment of your current technology struggles and how they negatively affect your clients and employees. This is the first step in understanding what your organization needs to improve. Analyzing what you have can be as easy as making a quick 5-minute list of the essentials: what basics do you need to complete your work efficiently and effectively?

Also, consider the size of your team and the number of your locations. Establishing your needs against your organization’s capacity will help provide incredible insights into the type of tools and equipment that will best serve your collaborative space.

2. Understand Your Constraints

While upgrading your AV technology is certainly a worthwhile investment, there are certain challenges that can appear along the way, making the process more difficult than anticipated. Consider your organization’s budget, security, compliance, technical, staff, and time limitations before making a decision. Then make preparations to ensure all aspects are covered.

Understanding your organization’s constraints can help you in the future as you work with an AV integrator because it will help them create a plan that maximizes your AV technology based on your goals. The right integrator will have experience with implementing flexible, convenient, and affordable solutions that fit within your constraints.

3. Make a Case

With your current AV work environment and your identified constraints mapped out, build out your case to include industry stats and figures that can help strengthen your reasoning for upgrading your current solution. Consider how upgrading your system can improve collaboration, productivity, and flexibility within your organization.

If you’re looking for a place to start, this article lists 42 online collaboration statistics that can help you make a case for implementing or upgrading your AV solution.

4. Find the Right Partner

A key to success here is to find an AV integrator that can assist you as you search for a solution that fits your business. A good collaboration integration partner will refine your strategy, offer up custom designs and installations based on your constraints, and most importantly, hold expertise in the enterprise industry.

Let Us Take Your Company’s AV Technology to the Next Level

When making the decision to install or upgrade your AV technology, there are a lot of factors to consider. However, partnering with an AV integrator eases the confusion and concern of having to implement a system that fits your organization. If you’re ready to upgrade your AV technology, consider IVCi!

IVCi is your user-inspired technology partner. We offer seamless AV integration that starts with identifying goals and objectives to form a clear vision of where you want to go and the clients you’d like to assist.

Whether you’re creating a future-proof huddle space or a state-of-the-art audio-visual meeting room, we will create an integration plan that maximizes your AV technology experience and attracts new business. Contact us today to see how we can collaborate!

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