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Audio video conferencing equipment has completely revolutionized the way organizations conduct business. And with the COVID-19 pandemic restructuring many companies to become distributed workforces, video conferencing has become an essential function for communication and productivity.

But there’s more that goes into AV solutions than just cameras and audio equipment. It’s a multi-faceted plan that requires expert guidance. Luckily the team at IVCi has significant experience in all the steps of a good AV solution.


Planning your AV solution is a critical step in setting your business up for success. The right strategy includes a need analysis to identify goals and objectives, then identifying requirements for system capabilities and functional goals.

It’s important to trust your strategy with a partner who has your best interest at heart. One that takes your budgetary, security, compliance, staffing, and personnel constraints seriously and recommends the best possible technology within your circumstances.


Choosing and purchasing equipment is just the start of the journey with your AV solution. You’ll need a clean, simple, and fast installation with an emphasis on efficiency. IVCi’s project management for deployment includes the following:

  • Pre-install: Ensuring technology is secured from manufacturers so it’s ready when you need it.
  • Quality Assurance: Testing all hardware and software to make sure it’s working properly.
  • Programming: Programmers will ensure all back-end hardware and front-end software is programmed and ready.
  • Winning Team: Expert and certified technicians, engineers, and supervisors are at your side and ready to help.

Backed by the right team of project managers and personnel, your AV solutions provider can deploy your system with transparency and efficiency from procurement through execution.


Not all AV conferencing equipment is well-suited for all spaces. Providing the best design possible for any type of space is a challenge, but one IVCi takes in stride. The experts can take the chosen products and platforms and place them within the given space in a way that maximizes collaboration and production.

It’s important for businesses to envision the AV design before the technology is implemented. IVCi provides visuals and renderings to give you an accurate idea of what your space will be capable of. By combining functionality and aesthetic, IVCi can help organizations achieve great results.


No matter how great the AV technology is and how efficient the installation is, there are bound to be times when support is needed. Most people dread having to contact their help desk or feel like they have no options outside of traditional working hours.

IVCi’s support offers a support model that works with your organization, including a strategy health check, day-2 support, fast track troubleshooting, live video assist, and more. With 24/7 support and a 100% rating, the support team at IVCi can be there when you need them.

Going Above and Beyond Typical AV Solutions

The future of AV is here — are you ready for it? The experts at IVCi are, and are here to help you get there as well. If you’re interested in one partner for all your AV solutions, contact the experts at IVCi today.

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