Our current business landscape is a sea of constantly changing information. If organizations are not careful with how they manage their information, it’s likely that their reputation may suffer in the eyes of prospective clients. To prevent getting lost in the mix, it’s important now more than ever that businesses offer adaptive solutions to meet their clients where they are.

If you are looking to attract new clients, a great first step is improving your organization’s meeting and collaboration tools. By enhancing your AV equipment, you can improve communication with your teams and make the client prospecting and onboarding process a smooth and seamless experience.

Here are just a few of the communication tools you could incorporate in your business that could convert a “maybe” client into a preferred partner.

  • Digital Signage–One of the best visual marketing tools you can use is an interactive digital sign. Your business can advertise what sets you apart from the competition and make a visually-pleasing first impression.
  • Elevator and Wall Displays–If you are meeting with potential clients in-person, offering wayfinding assistance in your building with elevator or wall displays can help communicate that you are a thoughtful and detail-oriented organization.
  • Digital Whiteboards–Spruce up any client meeting with a digital whiteboard. This technology brings collaboration to the next level while allowing your team and clients to share strategies in real-time.
  • Teleconferencing–For your clients around the globe, digital cloud video conferencing allows you an interactive way to communicate with potential clients in easily accessible ways, no matter where they are. This allows you to serve more people and spread your organizational mission.
  • Virtual Training Rooms–A state-of-the-art virtual training room allows your team to be more prepared to assist client needs. The investment you make into enhancing your training capabilities will pay off handsomely in customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Touchless Meeting Rooms–For clients who may require more careful handling of equipment for health related concerns, touchless meeting rooms allow you to control the meeting environment with voice controls rather than high-touch surfaces.
  • 3D Modeling for Visually Representing Space–The best way to demonstrate your capabilities to a potential client is through interactive modeling. Creating 3D models that show exactly what you can offer will better help your clients see the added value in your expertise.

Meeting client expectations can be a tall order to fill. With varying budgets, timelines, and strategic goals, effective communication is key. When you’re ready to choose the right equipment and provider for your business, consider IVCi!

IVCi is your user-inspired technology partner. We offer seamless AV integration that starts with identifying goals and objectives to form a clear vision of where you want to go and the clients you’d like to assist.

Whether you’re creating a future-proof huddle space or a state-of-the-art audio visual meeting room, we will create an integration plan that maximizes your AV technology experience and attracts new business. Contact us today to see how we can collaborate!

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