Conference Room Installation

December 23, 2020

Conference rooms have an entirely different purpose now than they did in the first office buildings. In the past they were designed solely for in-person meetings and working sessions.

But that way of doing business is far behind us, with today’s conference rooms lightyears ahead of the stuffy boardrooms of generations past. A table with ample seating is only the beginning of an environment where seamless collaboration can occur across numerous media platforms, with possibly a worldwide reach.

When conference rooms support audio video conferencing, organizations gain the confidence and peace of mind of knowing their productivity can continue no matter what physical circumstances they may face.

But conference room installations are not a one-size-fits-all thing. There are different approaches organizations can take depending on their industry, size, strategic goals, and budgetary targets. Here are some of the strategizing and planning steps IVCi can assist you with.


When it comes to installing a conference room, putting a strategy together can sometimes be the most challenging part. Where to start? How to plan?

IVCi acts as a trusted partner starting at the strategy phase. We will conduct a needs analysis to define your goals and objectives, identify functional goals and technical requirements, gather user feedback, and note any compliance, security, or budgetary constraints. The result is a fully developed plan that will get you to your goal.


The next step is to take that strategy and start bringing it to life. This means carefully selecting the type and quantity of equipment and features that meet both your needs and wants. We’ll solidify the products and platforms, overlays and flows, roles and responsibilities, and elevations and renderings. By the end of the design phase, your organization will only be one step away from having a functional and efficient collaboration space.


Once the plan and design is finalized, it’s important for installation to be quick, efficient, and simple. The team at IVCi sets your organization up for the utmost success during the deployment phase through quality assurance, programming, and installation. With an expert team of AV technicians, engineers, and project managers, your system will be installed and your users will be trained as quickly and accurately as possible.

The Future of Conference Room Installation is Here, and We’re Leading the Way

IVCi is leading a revolution in how organizations install and maintain their audio video conferencing rooms. Our Evolve service is a unique AV as a Service (AVaaS) model which is essentially a user-inspired subscription service for collaboration.

With one subscription, organizations can get access to:

  • Guidance on what technologies to invest in to keep video conferences efficient and productive.
  • Expert assistance planning, designing, and implementing technology.
  • Adoption of support with in-room QR code for on-demand assistance.
  • Opportunity to upgrade technology or change terms at any time.
  • Access to break-fix services for the duration of the life cycle.

AVaaS is a great option for organizations who need a predictable cost, access to a support team, and guidance on how to meet and exceed business goals.

If your organization is ready to see the future of video conference rooms, we recommend getting started with IVCi’s Evolve service.

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