Achieve Audio Visual Integration Success with IVCi’s Customized Solutions

Successful audio visual integration means clearly hearing every spoken word, viewing videos without interruption, as well as providing two-way communication with co-workers regardless of their location or devices. Anything less is unacceptable. As highly experienced AV integrators, IVCi provides AV integration solutions that not only meet, but exceed, your requirements.

From our start in the 1990s, IVCi has delivered audio visual solutions curated with superior design, professional implementation, and renowned support. We are committed to finding new ways to harness the latest technologies to improve and enhance our clients’ audio visual requirements. Our audio visual integration team is industry-certified, but it is our attention to your needs, ensuring every detail is meticulously prepared and efficiently delivered, that continues to win us accolades and respect.

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Stay Competitive with IVCi’s Customized AV Integrators

As experts in business collaboration, IVCi’s team listens to our clients from the onset. We want to know the business challenges you face. For example: What are the day-to-day operations of your organization? What do you believe are your collaboration needs? Next, using tools such as our proprietary IVCi Site Survey, our Design Engineers will craft an ideal solution, either from the ‘ground-up’ or by integrating new functionality upgrades into your existing system. IVCi’s 3D Modeling tool will depict our proposed visual representation of your space, to banish ‘after-the-fact surprises’ and facilitate decision-making.

IVCi Offers Scalable Audio Visual Integration Solutions

Often as AV Integrators, IVCi is required to create a complex solution that incorporates many different applications, networks, even devices. All must interact seamlessly. This is where IVCi’s Collaboration Strategists thrive. They fully understand the potential technical difficulties of incorporating multiple sources, such as video, chat, voice, mobile, and shared content. Our skilled professionals will build a roadmap that allows you to view the short- and long-term benefits of our proposed AV integration solution. Through our ROI calculations, we can highlight its value to your business and suggest how it can be adapted to meet your future collaboration needs.

What does your business require from your IVCi audio visual integration solution? Speak with our team about a customized conferencing system to seamlessly connect all members of your team—even with those located around the globe. To learn more, we invite you to contact us at (800) 224-7083.

At IVCi, we listen to you. After over 20 years of industry experience, we’ve created proven systems and innovative tools to make sure we deliver the room you want. We take the time to understand how your organization operates so we can deliver standard audio visual solutions across your company that drive business by improving how you work.

Each audio visual integration is unique. What are your business challenges, how does your organization work, and what are your collaboration needs? Together, we work with you and your key stakeholders to design a solution that satisfies your specific requirements.

Audio visual solutions require a team to execute. With IVCi Project, a tool we developed in-house, there is an established vehicle for communication and information flow.

Control systems and control programming are the backbone of any audio visual integrated room. Learn about IVCI’s Control System Platform (CSP), a user-friendly interface for a collaboration room.

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Use audio visual solutions such as huddle rooms, video walls/displays, extended classrooms, and wireless collaboration to communicate without boundaries.

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