One thing that many successful businesses have in common is the willingness to harness cutting-edge technologies to outshine their competition. To continue to make innovation possible, technology solutions providers like us have to think outside the box and find even better ways to apply technology.

That was the driving force behind our Av as a service solution, Evolve. As a subscription-based service solution, users can consistently modernize, have full protection, train their team, and have all the tools they need to achieve their business goals. With Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS) through IVCi’s evolve, you will have access to:

  • Technology that is consistently refreshed as new products become available.
  • Support staff to resolve issues and repair/replace equipment.
  • Collaboration with technology experts who can help you plan and achieve strategic business goals.
  • Cash flow savings that can be used for other strategic initiatives.
  • Protection from natural disasters and unpredictable events.

All with terms that can be changed at any time.

You might think there really is no better way to deliver state of the art technology to a workplace…

But what if we told you there is?

We’re proud to introduce our new and revolutionary in-room QR code support solution available through the Evolve AVaaS subscription. By scanning your unique QR code with your mobile device, meeting starters can connect with an in-house expert, navigate educational resources, and learn useful information that is specific to your room.

Beyond keeping your huddle room on par with the latest technology, utilizing a QR code support solution can offer the following benefits:

  • Increased uptime. If the meeting starter experiences any issues, they can quickly scan the code and get help to resolve the issue rather than having to take the time to get support over the phone or email. This leaves you with more time to conduct your meeting and less time troubleshooting, with available resources that can help you prevent the issue from arising in the future.
  • Higher levels of confidence. With educational resources only a scan away, you can build your AV technology knowledge base and get answers to all of your questions. Over time, you’ll become more confident in your ability to use and troubleshoot your system. And if issues do arise, you’ll know you have support at your fingertips.
  • Better productivity. Nothing derails productivity like technical issues. Everyone’s time is valuable and a lot of people are on tight schedules, so even a delay of five or ten minutes can seriously derail an agenda. Having custom support that’s on-demand from any smart device will keep things moving according to plan, even if technical difficulties arise.

It’s time for an AV evolution — and the QR support feature of IVCi’s Evolve subscription will help you get there.

If you’re ready to take the next steps into the future of AV solutions, speak to one of the experts at IVCi today.

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