Recently we’ve been hearing a buzz around schools and universities that’s saying one thing: esports is rising in popularity. We’re seeing more and more institutions launching esports programs and we’re really excited about the development. This recent trend in the AV space is getting a lot of attention, and for good reason.

We’re seeing an increase in schools with esports programs for a number of reasons. First, having an esports program is a great investment for colleges and universities that can withstand a number of circumstances. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing many institutions to shy away from spending money on in-person events and activities that require a lot of physical contact, the search is on to find engaging activities that keep participants safe. While esports requires teamwork, it does not require physical contact and can be done while maintaining social distancing.

But beyond practicality, esports is a great way to foster student engagement and attract new students. People who are interested in esports show exceptional problem-solving, teamwork, and critical thinking skills — just the type of people who can enrich your campus academic programs!

There’s also a parallel between people who pursue video games as a hobby and those interested in academic programs related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). So colleges and universities looking to grow those programs can attract academic candidates with an esports program.

But it’s not enough for schools to just express interest in esports. They have to create an environment where esports teams can practice, participate in tournaments, and dedicate serious time to their craft.

AV setup is a crucial part of having an esports program. Players need computer setups, display screens, interactive displays, audio equipment, and live streaming platforms that can keep up with the demand of their fast-paced games. And it’s not just the players that need a top-notch setup — audiences gather to watch the tournaments and need lightning fast updates and real-time streaming capabilities to stay engaged.

We’re proud to help colleges and universities with everything from getting their esports programs off the ground to pulling off huge events like the Valorant Tournament we recently did with the Unified Collegiate Esports Association.

We help institutions every step of the way with our ENGAGE platform. The AV as a Service platform gives institutions access to help with everything from selecting gaming furniture and computers, to hardware, to audio and streaming tools, technical support, and more. It’s a subscription-based service that helps teams meet their technical needs so coaches can focus on strategy and training.

If your organization is looking to start an esports program or take your current program up a notch, start a conversation with one of our ENGAGE experts today.

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