You can see the vision in your head — the perfect collaboration space for your team. It seems so simple as an idea, but actually executing your AV integration is a different story.

While upgrading your AV technology is certainly a worthwhile investment, there are certain challenges that can appear along the way, making the process more difficult than anticipated.

The good news is these challenges are not insurmountable, especially with the right technology partner by your side. Let’s talk a little more about common challenges organizations face during AV integrations.

Budget Constraints

Sometimes organizations are asked to do more with less. Undertaking a large expense like an AV conferencing system installation can be overwhelming for many organizations, or simply just not possible.

The good news is there’s a new way to invest in video conferencing solutions. With Audio Video as a Service, an organization is only responsible for a predictable monthly fee rather than a large upfront cost. The as-a-service model also ensures organizations have access to support, technology upgrades, and expert knowledge every step of the way.

Lack of Communication

The most important challenge of any AV integration is creating a vehicle for information flow. Without a dependable delivery system for communication, mistakes happen. Critical information needs to be provided in real-time so every member of a team is instantly informed.

Without proper communication channels and means for a timely response, organizations won’t be able to understand the function, benefits, and best practices for using video conferencing equipment. Then a trickle down effect starts where team members hesitate to adopt the technology or won’t make an effort to resolve any technical issues, rendering the investment useless.

So how can you ensure proper communication the entire process? Be sure to partner with a technology provider that doesn’t just install your solutions, but supports your AV technology journey from start to end. For example, IVCi Evolve subscribers can access help with the simple scan of a QR code, so communication is literally just a click away.

Unfamiliarity with solution options

It seems like there are more and more options for technology introduced every minute. It can be overwhelming to grasp the pros and cons of each one, let alone understand what will be best for your organization in five minutes, five months, or five years.

It’s important to have a trusted partner by your side to have to help you navigate the landscape and know what would be best for your organization. At IVCi, we work closely with our clients, not only as technology integrators but as trusted advisors who can provide the guidance you need. We’ve worked hard to be an industry leader, but what good does that do if we’re not willing to share it with others?!

Consider the challenges addressed above before choosing an AV partner. Make sure there is an established system for communication, so in the end, there are no nasty surprises.

Then, when you’re ready to start, give yourself peace-of-mind. Contact IVCi to get the room you want and the service you deserve. And, with our proven systems in place, we’ll make sure this happens before your due date.

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