A Better Way to Recruit, Train, and Retain Top Talent

Video Conferencing for HR Professionals
In human resources today, efficiency is essential. HR leaders are always looking for better ways to recruit, train, and retain top talent. Many organizations are realizing that nothing works better than face-to-face collaboration to drive productivity and improve engagement.
Widen the Talent Pool

When recruiting, the top talent is not always close by. However, traveling to recruit the best and brightest can be time-consuming and very expensive. Companies that utilize video conferencing to facilitate virtual interviews can evaluate candidates more efficiently while significantly shortening the hiring cycle. This can improve the bottom line and increase productivity.

Reduce On-boarding Time

The first few weeks of any job can be very stressful for both the new employee and an organization. Therefore, the onboarding process needs to be conducted as efficiently and effectively as possible. Using video collaboration tools for this process helps eliminate travel, creates an effective training environment regardless of location and increases efficiency by allowing multiple employees to participate at the same time.

Conduct Efficient Training

From educating new employees to on-going education for the rest of the organization, an effective overall training process can take a lot of time and resources. A great training system can be a highly effective asset for an organization by keeping employees updated quickly with new or important information. Deploying video collaboration to conduct, record, and broadcast these training sessions can drastically increase efficiency while reducing the strain on resources.

Unlocking the Potential of Video Collaboration in Corporate Training
When it comes to internal training, video collaboration simply makes sense.
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