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Visual Collaboration for Manufacturing
In manufacturing, improving efficiency and driving quality is both a challenge and a necessity. Effective collaboration among locations helps achieve these objectives.
Improve Operations

Operational efficiency and productivity can make or break a manufacturing organization. Therefore, companies are always looking for ways to reduce downtime, improve quality, and efficiently handle troubleshooting and training. By deploying video conferencing solutions, organizations can bring project teams, partners and executives together for regular face-to-face meetings that can help to accelerate decision-making and improve the product development life cycle.

Supply Chain Management

A manufacturing organization’s supply chain may be spread around the world due to the advantages of global sourcing. However, this dispersed supply chain can also create many management challenges. Visual collaboration solutions can assist organizations with video communication and real-time information sharing at any time and from any place. Aligning communications can improve customer satisfaction, upstream/downstream operations, and quality.

Accelerated Product Design & Development

Manufacturing is all about efficiency and staying on top of design and development. With many organizations having design facilities located in another city or country, having real-time access to these locations can help with coordination and time challenges. Video collaboration solutions can enable things like virtual product reviews, face-to-face product development meetings, and quality control sessions that can reduce development time and accelerate time-to-market.

Collaboration in Manufacturing
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