Empowering Government Operations (VTC)

Video Conferencing for the Federal Government
For the federal government, reliable and secure communications are the key to improving public services, safety, justice and security. By using video collaboration solutions, government agencies can drive operational efficiency through secure and global collaboration without the need for travel.
Collaborate Globally

Government agencies cover far larger territories than their home headquarters. Many have multiple national and international locations. By using video conferencing, agencies can have face-to-face collaboration at any time, from any location. Effective collaboration can also help agencies improve their service, responsiveness and efficiency by enabling greater interactions and engagement while also reducing organizational differences.

Improve Emergency Management

Amidst today’s natural disasters, technology disruptions, and international conflicts, government agencies are expected to reliably perform their duties and be prepared for whatever is thrown their way. When responding to any emergency, a high level of synchronization is necessary between all agencies involved. Therefore, clear communication is essential for rapid and effective response. Using visual collaboration tools helps to ensure open, face-to-face, secure lines of communication regardless of location.

Ensure Security

Security is a significant concern for any government agency dealing with sensitive information. Efficient decision-making and tactical planning are also top priorities. Implementing a high quality unified communications solution can play a critical role in improving both the efficiency of information sharing and face-to-face collaboration, while also ensuring security and accelerating operations.

Video at the Core of Government Telework
Overcome Resistance with Face-to-Face Interaction
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