Video Walls & Displays

Video walls and displays are used on college campuses, in auditoriums, retail stores, lobbies, airports, hotels and many other places. They can add to the aesthetics of a room, provide interactive functions that engage a user to explore, or just share information.

Using Video Walls and Displays in AV Integrations

Video walls and displays get attention. Wherever they’re installed, they are the focal point of the room. Experiencing information from a large display gets everyone involved and leaves an impression. That is why they’re widely adopted across so many environments. Used on college campuses, in auditoriums, retail stores, lobbies, airports, hotels and many other places, they can add to the “wow” factor or aesthetics of a room and provide engaging, interactive functions that really inspire creativity.

Recent technology trends in AV integrations for video walls and displays include:

  • Wider adoption as prices in LED displays become more affordable.
  • Larger Direct View LED (DV-LED) displays with no bezels, tiled together to form a completely seamless video wall.
  • Wider adoption of high resolution, multi-touch displays with an interactive canvas. Multi-touch displays allow all content to be moved and resized so that it achieves the highest possible visual impact. These screens are customizable and configured in a range of formats to fit your space—from large, immersive wall-size displays to small, portable models.
  • Used for mosaic, collage, 3D, touch-enabled interaction, and outdoor digital signage displays, and more.

An Immersive Collaboration Platform for an Enterprise

Video walls and displays are now used as an immersive collaboration platform for an enterprise. A team collaborates in a very impressive room that surrounds them with information so they can quickly make the best possible decisions or sway a client. In this dynamic workspace, they use video conferencing to share content across the globe. With an interactive canvas, they can make presentations more engaging and meetings more productive. Dynamic, multi-surface interaction immerses the team with live video, applications, and more. They are able to view and access everything they need and interact with the screen (depending on the product, either by touching it or using a wand). They can share documents and applications and use their own personal device, including a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. This is extreme collaboration where people locally or from many different locations using a variety of devices come together to create and problem-solve in an awe-inspiring workspace.

IVCi has partnerships with leading display manufacturers. Check out our world-class, premium display walls and systems for improving the collaboration experience.


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