Video Conferencing Equipment

Video conferencing facilitates two-way communication for participants in separate locations. For over 20 years, IVCi has designed and implemented video conferencing equipment in meeting rooms for companies and facilities, from business-grade up to enterprise level. We have partnered with the leading manufacturers, including Polycom, Cisco, and Crestron, to customize video conferencing solutions for every collaboration environment. IVCi’s team is highly experienced in designing just the right system using the most advanced video conferencing equipment to meet both your requirements and budget.

For conferencing scenarios where monitoring as well as close-up capability is required, we may deploy Polycom® Eagle Eye™ Producer camera. It utilizes state-of-the-art features including facial recognition to frame users and pan, tilt, and zoom, resolving issues that arise from wide-angle shots for increased understanding and participant interaction. For desktop interaction, Polycom® RealConnect™ for Office 265 and Skype for Business will allow staffers at different locations to interact seamlessly.

Cisco TelePresence® IX5000 Series creates an immersive, lifelike experience to increase engagement, and to quickly build relationships and trust. Recent platform advances have made this system more affordable than before. Another Cisco innovation, the Spark Board, is available in several sizes. The Spark Board 70 is a wireless whiteboard which is ideal for team collaboration. In addition, the Cisco Spark app connects virtual teams through any device, at any location.

A leading touch panel control and automation systems producer, Crestron video and collaboration systems enable dispersed teams to share information, collaborate and communicate in real-time. Crestron’s video conferencing equipment is featured in collaboration environments such as:

  • Boardrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Training centers
  • Classrooms
  • Business-scale to Enterprise-sized environments

IVCi’s sales and engineering teams are highly experienced both in the design and implementation of any collaboration solution that utilizes state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment. IVCi provides professional video conferencing systems from small businesses to multinational enterprises around the globe. We have partnered with industry leaders such as Crestron, Cisco, and Polycom to bring our clients the highest quality video conferencing equipment available. Whatever your conferencing needs, whether it’s a complete, turnkey system or an integrated, mixed environment, we can deliver a cost-effective solution. For more information, please contact us at (800) 224-7083.

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