What is it?

The QR Code In-Room Support service is designed to answer a basic need: MAKE MEETINGS HAPPEN.

Meeting-starters are treated to a new and revolutionary kind of support that allows them to use their
mobile phone to scan the on-screen QR code instantly, connecting to a
help desk expert if any ‘start meeting’ issue arises.

Scan the QR Code below to try it out!

How It Works

The QR support service is designed not only to get people access to help when they need it,
but also encourages learning and adoption of a room’s meeting set up over time,
decreasing the time it takes to start a meeting and boosting productivity along the way.

The best part? It’s super simple to use:

  • Access the QR code via the Monitor in the Room via any smart device
  • Get directed to the Room Hub browser
  • Connect with our expert in-house specialists, access guides and FAQ’s