Personal Video Assistant

The experience on your website or mobile application shouldn't lack the tailored support and care your customers have come to expect. IVCi’s Personal Video Assistant empowers brands to connect with digital visitors personally and without barriers.

Enhance Your Collaboration Strategy

The website and mobile application have quickly become an integral part of the lead nurturing and customer care experience. Unfortunately, patrons are often required to sacrifice the personalized, face-to-face support they’ve come to expect with traditional brick-and-mortar shops in exchange for instant access and mobility. Live Web Chat and Toll Free Numbers promise to improve the customer care experience, but often fall short. They frustrate users by relying heavily on information they must provide and often just deliver outdated step-by-step instructions.

IVCi’s Personal Video Assistant addresses this common issue with the latest innovations in embedded video and call center technology.

  • With one click from your website or mobile application customers can engage with their very own Personal Video Assistant, and your brand ambassador, over a two-way live video connection.
  • Real-time, co-browsing allows the personal assistant to see and interact with your site alongside your customers, helping navigation and promoting recommended product selection.
  • Live annotations allow the personal assistant to feature, guide, and educate your customers on information, or products and services, uniquely relevant to them on your website or mobile app.

This won’t be a rip-and-replace project; the Personal Video Assistant solution lives in your collaboration environment and can leverage existing infrastructure.

Don’t have a mobile app? No worries. IVCi can assist your business in developing a perfect tool for the Personal Video Assistant experience. Together, our experts will design and build a mobile application that is tailored to your business while addressing common industry challenges, allowing you to enhance your mobile collaboration strategy and differentiate through customer care.

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