Meeting Room Technology

IVCi offers innovative support for your business’ meeting room technology requirements. Our comprehensive group of services includes IVCi’s Cloud Video Experience (CVE) to facilitate total video collaboration beyond traditional endpoints, while our Managed Video Experience (MVE) offers complete video environment management including scheduling, meeting monitoring, and concierge services. Our clients soon realize that by managing and controlling their Cloud technologies, that they will achieve greater ROI.

Another way to protect your firm’s technology is through IVCi’s proprietary AV & Video Conference Maintenance & Support services. An IVCi Maintenance Plan can be customized to suit the needs of your enterprise. As part of our Managed Care Plan, responsive live support is available through our Call Center. Troubleshooting issues with your meeting room technology is performed using a video test call for proper diagnosis.

IVCi’s Managed Care Programs Optimize Business Success

IVCi additionally offers two levels of on-site Managed Care. Our On-Site Managed Care plans ensure a trained and certified technician will be promptly dispatched to arrive at your location the next business day. Our most expansive Managed Care plan includes honoring all manufacturer’s warranties, free operating system software updates*, and an annual on-site preventative maintenance and system review performed by a certified-AV engineer.

Successful Audio Visual Integration requires a proven expert and a company that truly understands collaboration and meeting room technology. With over 20 years’ experience providing successful designs and professional implementation, every IVCi AV integration is predicated on learning what our clients want and need. Next, we deliver scalable AV integration solutions by managing the entire process, start to finish. First, our team provides every meeting room with a user-friendly interface. Coupled with IVCi’s Control System Programming, IVCi’s AV integration system allows meeting facilitators to switch between PC, projected, and interactive content as well as the ability to mute, unmute, and change the volume of all audio equipment including microphones. Additionally, the system enables users to change camera direction on a video conferencing system and to connect audio and visual calls, all without the need to switch between different remote controls.

Harness Collaboration Technologies Seamlessly

Today, video conferencing has reduced the distance between communicators on a global scale. It has quickly become a key tool to facilitate the sales funnel, and to impart knowledge across many remote locations. However, establishing communication between these different locations, different time zones, and across different devices requires particular expertise. IVCi excels at providing reliable and successful video services for collaboration, whatever the circumstance or wherever the location. Our meeting room technology services including Personal Video Assistant, Business Video Assessment, and our Video Operations Training programs will set the stage for optimal collaboration.

Walls do not define today’s meeting rooms, their technology does. The need to work in tandem with the speed of business has facilitated the development of IVCi’s meeting room technology services. Whether your business requires our innovative CAP services, Cloud Video Conferencing, Audio Visual Integration services, Video Conferencing and Unified Communications, or our maintenance and support offerings, IVCi delivers the exact solution you need for your business. For a confidential review, please contact our professional team at IVCi today. Call us at (800) 224-7083.

*Exceptions apply. Please contact IVCi for details.

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