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“Information flow” is critical to every successful implementation. Establishing a vehicle for communication is the cornerstone of every well-executed program. IVCi Project was developed for this need.
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IVCi Project: Information Flow for Audio Visual Solutions

“Information flow” is critical to every successful audio visual solution or unified communications and collaboration deployment. Current and accurate data must be recorded and accessible at all times by everyone involved in the project. It must include everything from the initial customer requirements at the start of a project to the delivery of site documentation at completion. Without it, communication crumbles and problems are inevitable.

IVCi has learned this by experience. We realized the tremendous value of establishing a vehicle for information flow. We know it is the cornerstone of every well-executed program and essential to providing a rewarding customer experience. That is why we committed extensive resources to developing IVCi Project.

Learn How IVCi Project Enables Us to Deliver Best-in-Class Project Management


The Challenges to Information Flow

Collaboration solutions can be complex with many moving parts. They require multiple documents, a lot of critical information, and a diverse team of players including: project managers, sales, design engineers, order management, programming, testing and installation technicians, construction trades, the help desk, and others. Information needs to be provided in real-time so all members of the team are instantly informed. If there is no mechanism in place for keeping everyone tuned-in on all issues, breakdowns can easily happen, especially across departments.

The Complexity of an AV Integration

With many tasks needed to be performed concurrently, all it takes is a delay for a single part and a project comes to a grinding halt. To understand the complexity of an AV integration, listed below are typical examples of critical information that must be shared among the team to keep the project moving forward:

  • Detailed user requirements provided by the customer
  • Exact specifications for the room layout
  • A solution envisioned by the design engineer
  • A purchase order and its terms, including a customer’s special instructions
  • Details for coordinating tasks with construction trades to complete the environment
  • The availability and skill set of all personnel involved
  • The manufacturer’s delivery dates for each component
  • Delivery dates for audio files and control system programs
  • Delivery dates of assembled system racks
  • Final documentation for the project
  • A complete record of service history

The Potential Pitfalls

Deployments executed without an established vehicle for communication lack information flow and struggle with many of the same issues. For example, on the day of installation technology is missing or the professional assigned to the task arrives late or lacks a required skill. These glitches, mistakes and oversights that could have been prevented, result in due dates slipping, so it’s no surprise when the customer becomes extremely agitated.

Other problems occur after installation. The help desk can’t deliver necessary support because they don’t have access to information on the actual configuration. For example, if there is an issue with audio volume and the help desk doesn’t have access to all of the audio files used throughout implementation, testing, and installation, how can they fix it?

But, the biggest catastrophe isn’t revealed until the very end. When the final project is unveiled, the room doesn’t satisfy the requirements specified by the customer. Imagine the frustration and stress the customer experiences when this happens.

The Solution: IVCi Project for Information Flow

As an enterprise-level project management engine, IVCi Project serves as a single, centralized repository for all customer data needed to execute a complex collaboration implementation. It also mandates that each team member adheres to the established processes defined for their specific task. Therefore, it does more than just provide anytime, anywhere access to information. It keeps people on task.

IVCi Project is our command and control center. Serving as an all-in-one centralized hub for information and resources, it is fed by numerous other department applications. For example, the program used by order processing automatically updates the data in IVCi Project. Therefore, not only does the project manager assigned to lead the implementation know the delivery dates of specific components, but so do the engineers and everyone else on the team.

Our talented IT team developed this innovative tool to coordinate operations and resources across the entire company, so everyone is working with the same data and following the same processes. With all information conveniently accessed and every resource meticulously managed from the same portal, IVCi has positioned itself as a trusted industry leader. We consistently deliver our clients the collaboration solutions they want by their due dates. And, IVCi project is the key reason for this success.

Download our IVCi Project White Paper:

IVCi Project White Paper

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