Control System Programming

Control system programming is the backbone of any AV room. The most successful deployments feature push button controls that allow participants to switch seamlessly between content from a PC, projector, or interactive whiteboard, and to mute and unmute microphones. These systems also allow users to pan, tilt, or zoom the camera on a video conferencing system, to connect video and audio calls and much more. Control system connectivity eliminates the need for multiple remotes and provides an easy-to-use interface for meeting participants.

Proprietary AV Control System

Another service that sets IVCi apart is our proprietary Control System Platform (CSP), a user- friendly interface for an AV room environment, and the result of substantial, long-term R & D. When our customers purchase a user license, they will access a time-tested, proven interface with the following features:

  • Environmental controls: Presentation, audio conference, and video conference modes that automatically revert to preset lighting, shade, and display controls.
  • Convenience: Taskbar with commonly used functions, such as lighting and volume control, available at all times.
  • Automatic shutdown:  Option to set a specific time each night, or via an occupancy sensor after a specified period of inactivity.
  • Customized to room specifications: Enables users to add or remove features. May also be personalized/customized to include company logos, etc.
  • Documentation: Detailed user manual with button-by-button descriptions and screenshots of each system task customized for the graphical user interface (GUI).

IVCi’s control system programming team is proficient in all major control system platforms and will design a custom interface based on an organization’s unique needs and specifications. To ensure full-functionality of the final GUI configuration, IVCi installs the control system program on a webserver and allows the customer to remotely test the interface. This gives the end-user a chance to use their system and to request changes or modifications before the system is deployed. Additionally, every custom interface includes a detailed control system design document. This user manual facilitates adoption by featuring screenshots of each system task with clear, button-by-button descriptions of every function.

Bring Your Own Control

Every AV control system may be augmented with a downloadable iPad app that functions similarly to the touch-panel control. This allows a user to control the room with a familiar device from any seat instead of having to sit directly in front of the touch panel. Among its many benefits, this allows a more efficient means to adjust the speaker volume or to switch presentation modes without disturbing other meeting participants.

For more information, please review our IVCi Control System Platform Brochure.

IVCi Control System Platform Brochure

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